Can I convert my TV Armoire into a bar/liquor cabinet?

mommacassJune 25, 2008

I just ready robynpa's question about where to store her liquor and I had a brainstorm. We recently bought a flat TV and are planning to sell our TV armoire and use a media console. I really hate to sell the armoire because it was an expensive piece and probably won't get much for it. Could I possibly convert it somehow into a bar/liquor cabinet? We could move it down to the family room and fill it w/ wine bottles, glasses etc. Is this crazy? How can I make it look deliberate and well thought out.

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My dad did that many years ago. I don't have a pic of it but it turned out very nice. He had bottles on one side. The other side was split with a shelf and he had liquor glasses and wine glasses. The drawers had bar accessories, corkscrew, etc. I believe he lined the shelves and drawers with a fabric, possibly felt. That way the bottles and glasses didn't clank when you put them in. Your's is a very pretty armoire and I think it's a great idea. So many people are getting rid of them you wouldn't be able to sell it for much. Sounds perfect for the family room.

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You are so right, you'd not get near enough out of it. Especially now with gas prices being so high everyone and their neighbor are trying to get rid of extra furniture on Craigslist and it seems no one is buying unless the prices are dirt cheap!
If it were mine to repurpose (something I have a small business doing) I would use the cubbies below the TV to convert into wine storage by making two sets of cut out pieces of wood. One larger for the back of the cubbie and the bottom of the bottle and a piece cut to hold the neck in a bit lower. Last time I was in Pier 1 they had stackable metal ones that just might fit if you don't have the proper tools to make your own.
I'd also add another shelf about where the top of the TV is now for other liquor storage. It wouldn't have to be as deep as the cabinet so you won't have to worry about bumping your head when mixing drinks. You could add stemware brackets to the underside of this shelf too.
Along the back of the cabinet below the stemware you could add shallow shelves for storing/displaying shot glasses.
If the drawers can be moved up to the top two cubbies that would make for easier storage of cork screws, coasters and wine glass tags.
I'm thinking you have an awesome idea here and I wish I had a couple armoires to do this too myself!

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Years ago a friend converted her entertainment center to a bar, we moved away but I do remember it. It was a great idea, she used those peel and stick 12 inch square mirrors to line the inside of the cabinet. They bought an unfinished wine glass rack, stained it to match the cabinet and installed it on the inside "ceiling" of the cabinet to hang wine glasses. It turned out very nice

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Thanks! Great ideas. I love the idea of adding mirror to the back because there is a large cut out there to accommodate our old TV and I just happen to have an old plate glass mirror that will fit exactly (coincidence?). A shelf w/ a stemware rack underneath would be great too. I checked to see if the drawers could be moved up and it doesn't look too easy but a possibility (the interior where the drawers are now is unfinished, raw wood). Moving them would definitely be more convenient.

Do you think I should add lighting somehow? Maybe small puck lights or a freestanding lamp?

I'm getting excited about the possibilities. Hope DH will agree. Thanks again and I would love to hear any more suggestions.

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I think that is a great idea. Yes, add the mirrors, lights and the stemware holders to the underside of the shelves. Please show us when you are done.

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I use the large armoire in my living room as a liquor cabinet. I keep wine glasses and various other glasses in it as well. Mine has shelves in it already - you may want to add some to your's.

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I actually purchased a liquor armoire! It has a mirror in the back and a light in the top. It's not realy organized or stocked just yet. That's an ongoing project. I don't know how to attach more than one picture so will have to do another post to attach the interior. Hope this helps you visualize what you can do to the inside of yours!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Here is the inside of my liquor armoire.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks so much for the pics "confused" and "karezz"! I hope you don't mind that I printed them out to show my DH. The interior one gives me some great ideas. Thanks again.

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