EZ angle tute by B. Hunter

sunnycentralFLNovember 30, 2012

The second clue in Bonnie Hunter's EasyStreet Mystery is up this am. Along with it is a video of How to Use the EZ angle rulers. I always need a refresher on the "How To" for those rulers since I use them so seldom.

Hope you enjoy it!

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OOPs! Sorry...

Here is the link...scroll down the page for the video.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bonnie Hunter's Blog

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Thanks, Gwen! I bought those rulers 2 years ago when I did her mystery, but like you I seldom use them. A refresher will make me look for ways to use them! LOL


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I watched this Excellent video also - and me too -need refresher to use them correctly :) although I do use the rulers other ways often.

I am still thinking about jumping in on this Mystery---I know I don't have enough variety of the colors----

Gwen~how are you doing on this Mystery??

Anyone else?

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Thanks to Bonnie for the refresher. I own those rulers and have not used them since that original class. They are sitting here in a lovely ruler holder a nice man named Rob made for me. I may dust them off and try something with flying geese again.

Thanks Gwen.

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Linda, Rob says, "That's Cool that she remembered me!" Thx

Thx for asking, megoftheriver, wow, I am slow. Got all the prewash & ironing done way ahead of the first clue and made half of the little 4 patches...they are cute! I really only plan to make half of the blocks required. I have enough large quilts from 4 other BH mysteries. Can't part with them.

Let us know when you start!

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Bonnie Hunter is doing another Live Stream quilting today (Sunday, Dec 2) a bit after 2pm.
I watched it the other night for the first time; I had just gotten home and caught it - I got bored quickly, so emptied the dishwasher - so it is a perfect do some chores and watch - or sew. She reads and answers email live - pretty cool!
It is worth tuning in if you are unfamiliar.

Here is a link that might be useful: Live Quilt Cam

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