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jaknirkNovember 30, 2010

We used this company for our home warranty when we bought our new house. Part of the septic system quit working on day 20 of owning the house and we called them to find out if it was covered. Amanda L., our adjustor, informed us that it wasn't covered because the failure had occurred in the first 30 days of the contract. It turns out this was in tiny print in the contract. She then informed us that if we had waited 10 more days to report it, it would have been covered, but we couldn't just refile the claim in 10 days because they already knew about the failure. What kind of nonsense is this??? We are being informed that if we had waited 10 days and called and lied about the failure date, it would have been covered, but since we were being honest they won't cover it. We then asked to cancel our home warranty and get a refund so that we could go with a better company, and were then informed that the contract is non-cancellable. I then asked to speak with a supervisor, but apparently there were no supervisors of any kind avaiable to speak with (at 3PM on a Tuesday afternoon). DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY... Find a company that doesn't have ridiculous ways to avoid paying for anything, and will allow you to cancel your contract.

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Most if not all home warranty company's have lots of tiny print that make it very difficult to have a claim approved.
As the expression goes, the devil is in the details.

That said, you say "new home" Is it new construction..or new to you?

I ask because a septic system would be covered under a builders warranty, and if the home is new, that would be your best avenue to pursue.

If not...did you have the system fully inspected prior to purchase? If so, then you may have some recourse there...that is provided that the septic inspection contract does not also have similar disclaimers.

Did the seller fill out a disclosure form? If so, what did they disclose regarding the septic? That too may be another option to pursue...

Bottom line, the best advice is to not go with any company if you have not read the fine print first.

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