Nov 2010 Quilting/Sewing Goals

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLNovember 10, 2010

I'm trying to get back on track. Having my routine run amok for 3 months and now regrouping is taking longer than I thought. So figured making a list and checking it more than twice might help.

1. Put backing on quilt for Jelli

2. Sew binding to front of Carpenter's Star

3. Send fabric to Salijo

It's that time of year when Christmas gifts (if you're making them) should have already been started and maybe some even wrapped. I don't plan on making any this year. When I was up north, I took each family to a restaurant of their choice for dinner, filled 4 gasoline tanks and told them Merry Christmas. Think I'll wait til closer to Christmas for the family here.

What's your sewing goals for the rest of the month? No stress!!!!!!!!


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I plan to make tote bags for my DD and DDIL for Christmas. I am using a pattern from Edyta Sitar and it consists of lots of HSTs. I bought a selection of batiks last week and hope to start them this weekend.
I am also working on a small quilt kit with sailboats that I bought several years ago. It is a scrappy type pattern and is not progressing very quickly.
I hope to finish several projects before the end of the year so that I can work on the second DWR quilt after the holidays. I have a date reserved for November 2011 to have it quilted.
Linda OH

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My goal for November.....Keep on quilting.

I have 7 tops to quilt so it will be actual quilting work all this month. I'm hoping to get 3 done this month....1 big in progress, and 2 small.

Good Luck with accomplishing your November goals.


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I'm not sewing Christmas gifts this year, so no pressure for me. Now that I have the machine sewing again, I can get back to finishing my UFO's. My goals for November will be:

1. Quilt the remaining 4 Project Linus quilts.
2. Get the binding on all 6 of them.


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I didn't set any goals, but I'm actually getting a lot accomplished, for a change!!! I'm doing tic-tac-toe quilts for 5 kids in my family. I have 2 totally finished, one just needs the binding tacked down and the other 2 are sandwiched and ready for quilting and binding. I took them to work yesterday and I think I could make a little money if I can get a few more made up before Christmas. I'll post some pictures when I get all 5 done.

I'm also trying to get the applique/paper piece lotto blocks done this month. I have a good start on the applique. I'm doing the applique by hand because I don't know how to machine it and it's just quicker for me to do it by hand.

I also finished another of my Baltimore Album quilt blocks. I've been working on this one for about 3-4 months and just didn't have the time to sit and finish it. Finally, it's done!

I also have the squash blossom block for this months lotto all cut out and ready to sew.

With the last few months of getting nothing accomplished (except for Halloween costumes),it feels pretty good to be sitting at the sewing machine and using a needle again :-)

I'll post some pictures of all my projects in the next few weeks.

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I don't have a clue. I've completed 4 quilts in the past 4 months after a very long time of not being able to get motivated. The last one I forgot to take a photo of, it went to my DH's dad. Maybe it's best I sit back and think about what I want to do next. But I don't have any UFO's except for a pictorial quilt that started out well but got weird looking and I don't want to look at it again yet. I have a tendency to jump in and go to it without a lot of planning and this time it showed! I just hope I don't go as long as the last time without an idea.

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I'm still quilting the applecore and my panel wall hanging. I've cut pieces for my little lonestar, and I'm thinking about expanding my extra panel to a whole quilt with little lonestar 'snowflakes'. Sure it depends on how many tears I shed over the first little lonestar.

I ordered the Feathered Star I book. I can hear you laughing from here! I know, I know....

Here is a link that might be useful: Alice Kay's Feathered Star

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You girls have some lofty goals...even if it's just sitting and thinking about what to do next!

Fabric to Salijo was mailed today and I decided to put another border on Jelli's....hope to get that sewn on tomorrow. Going to have to piece the back, but that's ok, I think she'll like it!

Have a good night everyone,


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I have a large quilt ready to go on the frame. I want to get it done to sell at our quilt show in January. It's basically a braid design that incorporates black & white blocks I got in a spring shop hop.

I'm also getting ready for's new mystery quilt. The first installment comes out next Friday. Before then I plan to finish pressing & trimming a zillion HSTs I've collected for a different Quiltville quilt.

My main machine is in the shop, so I can spend the weekend quilting and pressing & trimming. Hopefully it will be ready to pick up this weekend or early next week, so I'll be good to go for the myatery quilt!


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Oh the quilting room is becoming visible again, now that the UFOs are getting addressed and starting to find homes. I am on the last side of hand stitching the binding onto a queen-sized double nine patch I 'gave' to my DD twenty one months ago for her b'day. rofl. It was one of my earlier efforts at a patched top and the only one I've sent to a machine quilter to date.

I have also finished cutting out the usable denim from a huge bag of jeans my son saved for me to do rag quilts. He even had them all washed up and each pair of jeans had the left knee blown. You can tell he spent a lot of time kneeling down on one leg working. He's a farmer and also works as a maintenance man for a large corporation. Both my kids are like their mom, come from conservative Quaker stock and even when we are relaxing, it has to do with work.

I have one quilt with the blocks almost finished on my design wall. I need to do one more applique and then sew the blocks together. I may put this one on the big wooden frame and do some hand quilting with purl cotton as a leisurely project over winter. The blocks are mostly paper pieced and very striking.

And the Eye of God quilt top (my second attempt at piecing a top and is paper pieced) has all the paper removed and is folded and waiting to be quilted. It is very rough and primitive and I am not motivated as I have come a long way since then. I may just machine quilt it to heavy cotton and use it in my car as a utility cover.

My heart is ready to start a new quilt, but I am holding back that urge for just awhile longer. I've spent the last year drowning in UFOs and don't want to 'go there' again.

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Today is a day off so I'm going to tackle the cutting table. It's piled so high with fabric there is no room to cut! Then I want to start in on the 2011 birthday blocks for my group. Also have a Bubble quilt to sandwich, quilt, bind to put in my Etsy shop.

Last night I signed a contract to teach another scrap quilt technique class for my guild, so I want to start on some samples for that. It will be an all day class with 6-8 different construction techniques for using up scraps. I taught this class a few years ago and members in my guild still talk about it. But I want all new ideas for this class sometime in 2011.

Got lots to motivate me, huh?


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1. Finished & mailed November & December block lotto.
2. Finished December birthday block.
3. Make 5 tote bags for gifts (2 done, 3 to go)
4. I painted my office/sewing room and vowed I would not allow it to get messy so I need to CLEAN up sewing mess again!
With the holidays coming up & substitute teaching this month, anything else I get done will be a bonus!


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How's everyone doing? I might be able to finish quilting Jelli's quilt today. I'll see what it looks like with what I have in mind and then decide if it needs more. I've also decided to sew the binding to the back of the Carpenter's Star and machine sew (blanket stitch) to the front. Never done it before so it'll be a first for me.

Donna, Don't you just love the Quiltville site? I saw where one quilter plans to start at the beginning and make each one of the quilts she has listed. I say, "You go, girl!" It's a great thought, though. @:) Have fun with the mystery!

Calliope, You taught your son good! lol Working on UFO's was my resolution this year and wanted to get at least 12 out of the house. I'm working on the 11th one now, and am not sure what I'll do for the 12th one, but am glad to have this many taken care of and out of the house. I know how you feel about wanting to start another one and I'll probably do it!

Teresa, I like the quilt using the idea of scrappy Xmas fabric that was posted on another thread. Let us know how your thoughts run for the class. Wish I lived close enough to attend. @:)

Sue, Substitute teaching helps keep your stash growing, yes? Wish I could get my mind around making bags! I seem to have a road block there.

Have a great rest of the month and get those reservations made so you'll have time to sew instead of cooking and cleaning up! OK OK OK .... it's family time!!!!

SharonG/FL (my baby is 45 today)

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The braid quilt is done!

The B&W block kits were given out at a shop hop in the spring.

I also have a snowman table set (runner, 4 placemats & 2 hot pads) almost done from fall shop hop blocks.


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Donna, That's a neat design! Love your colors.

Jelli's quilt is completed and ready to mail next week, so I have two of the three goals completed. The binding is cut, pressed and rolled ready to sew on. By sewing to the front first, that means I need to trim that backing so have to do that yet. I was given quite a bit of some very nice oriental fabric and have enough strips cut for a Chinese Coin.......sigh. I'm on meds that make me drowsy and it seems like once it wears off, it's time to take another dose so not much happening at the sewing machine this week. :(


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Oh Sharon, That's not fun! I hope you are feeling better very soon!

1. DONE: December birthday block & mailed
2. 4 DONE: Make 5 tote bags for gifts
3. Trim selvage edges from fleece for 26 tied fleece blankets for school service project (Project Linus)


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Checking in for the last part of November

Quilt Postage Stamp quilt.....DONE
Quilt Patchwork Boxes...DONE
Quilt Tile Tango...over half done..may get it finished if I can get at it today and tomorrow.

I'm pleased with my progress this month.

Donna, I like your Braid quilt...interesting layout.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sharon, hope you can get some sewing done. Thanks for starting this thread to help us stay focused on our goals..


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Sharon, I hope you're feeling better :-)

Pretty braid quilt, Donna!!

I've actually made progress this month!! yeah!!

Here is a picture of the November Lotto block:

And here is the PP/Applique Lotto blocks: (Don't look too close at that pp block; it was a bear!)

I finished my Baltimore Album hand applique block, but I forgot to take a picture.

Last night I cut out the squares for the December lotto and have my first Birthday block almost done, too!

I've also finished all 5 of my tic-tac-toe quilts. One lady at work liked them so well, she asked if I could make 2 for her for gifts. I'll try and get a picture of them as well. I'm really happy with how they turned out.

Tonight is our local Christmas parade. My dd and I are walking with our Girl Scout troop and my dh and ds are walking with his Cub Scout Pack. I hope the rain hold off until it's over.


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Lovely pictures, Donna and Robbi. Everyone's done so many things in spite of holidays.

I've not gotten much to the final end point. I did get my kaleidoscope quilted and up on a wall to fill in a spot that gets strong light. I made it primarily to be allowed to fade if that happens (since it is so easy to make and replace) and because my husband loves it.

I'm concentrating on FMQ of a special Celtic wreath quilt now and then on to a log cabin I've been planning. I still have my "redwork" for sitting in my chair on my butt when cold weather keeps me inside.

Linda in CA

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Sue, Are you having the kids cut and tie the quilts?

Geraldine, Good job on what you were able to accomplish this month!

Robbie, Your blocks are great! Can't imagine doing the snowflake!! WOW! What technique did you use? Looking forward to seeing your tic-tac-toe quilts.

Linda, Making kaleidoscopes is easy?....matching up all those designs across the fabric? Your's looks great!

I had a spurt of energy this morning so started a 'memory table runner' that I read about. It's basically something that visitors can sign during whatever season or special event going on. I used the rail fence pattern with green and red with white in the center for the signature or message. Not sure how it'll work out, but it's something that won't take a lot of time....I think. @:) Now I'm back on the couch.....a couple more days of meds (thank you everyone for your good thoughts) and planning on Dec being a sewing marathon!

In the 80's today and mid 30's expected tomorrow night!


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Sharon, I trimmed all the selvages, matched the fronts & backs, & cut all the 6" corners. Yes, the kids will cut all the strips & tie the blankets. They have always mangled the corners so I thought I would speed things up! I am trimming all the corners & piecing other small quilts with the scraps.

Your table runner sounds like fun ... let us know how it works out!

Linda, I love your kaleidoscopes! Is that done with a stack-n-wack method?

Robbi - your squares are great!


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Ooh, Sharon, I didn't know it's supposed to get that cold tomorrow night! BRRR!

I finished the braid quilt and the snowman set. I have the first 2 parts of the Quiltville mystery done, too. I've also been working on 2 other Quiltville designs - ocean waves and patches & pinwheels. They will be wall hangings.

Don't know how much sewing time I'll have in December. No time off work before Christmas, and we are hosting the family gathering this year. I'm looking forward to that week after Christmas! LOL


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Linda, I'd be interested in hearing more about your "redwork". Do you do this by hand? I love hand work and have looked at it some, but don't know much about it.

And your kaleidoscope quilt is beautiful!! That is quick? It sure doesn't look that way.

Sharon, I did the snowflake using needle turn technique. All of my hand applique is done that way, so it's almost second nature now. Starting off it goes slow, but I can do it pretty quick now.


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Robbi, kaleidoscope quilts are a "stack and whack" type project and fast. You don't need to match the points perfectly since they fade into the design. The trick is in selecting fabrics with colors you like. Reference - book "One Block Wonders"by Maxine Rosenthal.

Redwork is just embroidery all in red thread. Any pattern you like will make embroidered blocks you can set into a quilt. I have a friend using blue so guess you'd call hers Bluework. If you like to sit and embroider in your lap, this works well. My pattern comes from Bird Brain Designs but there are lots out there. I'll post a picture of mine when it is done. It's the seasonal one shown on their website. I prefer Sulky 12 weight cotton to embroidery thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Designs for redwork

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Thank you, Linda! I have done some embroidery in the past, so I do understand. I was under the impression that Redwork was more like quilting and went through all layers of the quit? I like the designs on the web site. Very cute! Please share yours when your done.


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