Anyone heard of co-op or exlusive listing between two realtors?

momtothreeNovember 9, 2009

We are listing our house today and have talked with two listing agents. We have decided which one we were going to use and she is coming by this evening. In the meantime, I just got a call from the other agent I spoke with this morning. She asked why we had chose the other one and not her. She also asked if there was anything she could do to earn the right to be our listing agent. She then asked if we would consider doing a co-op which would mean both agents would have an exclusive listing of our property. If any other agent would want to show the property, they would have to go through either of them. Would anyone recommend or not recommend this type of listing? We are building a home and now the added stress of listing our house is confusing me and I don't know what would be best for us to do. Please help!!!

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Teaming is a great way for agents to work-
when they work at the same brokerage & when they agree to it.

Here, for instance, there are several teams, a couple of which are made up of married couples (doesn't that sound like a fun marriage??) & at least one which is a more experienced mentor paired with a newcomer to the business.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best.

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It sounds to me as if the second agent is making a last ditch effort to get the listing. No, I would not recommend this and do find it a bit underhanded on the part of the second agent for various reasons. The only time I would recommend this is IF the agents belong to different MLS systems.

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If the agents belong to different MLS systems, they likely work at different brokerages.

I don't know that it can't be done, but I never have heard of a seller being represented by more than one broker.

& today consumers & their agents can find homes for sale on regardless of what MLS area the property is in or what MLS system the listing brokerage belongs to.

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I agree, as to not doing this, unless it possibly is husband and wife etc. 2nd realtor appears to be jealous, just go with the one you feel will do the best for you. But do watch out that the one that you turned down does not to try something. Be alert!

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Sounds to me like you made the right choice in agents. The second agent seems to have confirmed this by her actions after she was told she wasn't getting the listing.

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I have done this several times with brokers that belong to a different MLS system when the listing was in a "borderline" area. Yes, buyers can look at Realtor. com, but agents rarely use it in my experience. In more rural areas local MLS's are not likely to belong to systems that feed to regional websites for faster searches and occasionally don't include listings in Cooperating with a broker in that area insures the listing will be known to both MLS systems. The listing agents may make less money, but the client will be better served.

When we sold our first home we used two agents: each belonged to a different Board. This was in the Chicago suburbs where I believe two different MLS systems still exist or did in the past. The agent we choose suggested it. As it turns out, the second agent did receive the phone call about the person that ultimately bought the house.

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