Will my daughter quilt?

faytayNovember 16, 2011

DD's best friend from high school is expecting next spring and DD asked if she could 'commission' a quilt for her new baby. I told her I would rather 'help' her make one so she has started by working on the center design. She wants dolphins so it will be an applique center. I'm thinking maybe an eye-spy type flying geese border because I love making flying geese, but we'll see.

Best part is we have to get'er done while she is home for Christmas so there is a firm deadline.

I'm so hoping she gets bit by the bug. :)


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Oh, Faye, I hope she does get bitten! Wouldn't that be wonderful!

I have no daughters but when my son comes home from university for long weekends, he always looks at my WIPs. He comments on colors and layouts. Since he's been about age 9 or 10, I have asked his opinion about quilting 'stuff' and his views sometimes mesh with my own. Sometimes I follow his suggestions when they disagree with mine and have been surprised....sometimes pleasantly, sometimes not.

We also share a love of puzzles and hiking.

These have always been happy times for us and that is the best reward.


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That is awesome!! I hope she gets the "bug", too :-)

My dd will be 9 in a few weeks, so she hasn't shown much interest, but likes seeing what I'm doing. The crayon quilt gave me an idea a few weeks ago. I ordered a book (looks like a coloring book) or bunnies and bears (she loves bunnies!) and I'm going to get her to color the bunnies on the fabric and we'll make a quilt out of it. Right now I'm making some copies from the book and she's practicing the colors to see what she likes. She is very creative, so I'm hoping this will spark some sewing in her???

Geraldine, my ds is 10 and he also like my WIPs and comments on them. He's a big computer gamer, and discovered Skype the other day. It's hard to get him away from the computer now that he can talk with his friends and play games at the same time. I'm happier because he's not tying up the phone any more :-)


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Faye, Just by her being willing to try says a lot about her desire to learn. I can tell you it's comforting having a child who takes more than a "That's really nice, mom!" interest in your quilting. Passing on tips and techniques and spending time together....wonderful!


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I tried for years to get my DD interested in sewing. The most she ever did was sew badges on uniforms for her brothers........for a fee.
Fast forward to college. She takes costume design and ends up with a degree in it.
The only thing she really knew going into the classes was NOT to use fabric scissors to cut paper. You should see some of the stuff she can do!
I think kids pick things up when they are ready to. We can encourage them but till they are ready and see reason for it don't count on them loving it as much as you do.

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I think reading the "Little House" books to the younger girls might help Laura and her sisters made quilts

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Faytay~make one of your special scissor necklace holders for her with a new pair of small scissors!

I wear mine everyday - thank you!!

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If I had my life to do over - not something I often consider because I'm pretty happy with the way it all turned out - but if I DID have it to do over, I think getting a degree in costume design would be VERY close to the top of my list. Garden Design or Costume Design - so hard to decide! Maybe a double major!

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My daughter doesn't really appreciate the patchy look of quilts. She has done some incredible work reupholstering furniture however. She completely rebuilt a wicker settee and chair from the 1910's. She rewrapped the springs, made the linings, painted the wicker and made beautiful covers for the cushions. She also recovered my mother's 1960's dining chairs with period fabric that she found on line. She also knits beautifully, and she modifies/designs her own patterns. I quess each of us has our own passion.

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I was at the Joann's this past weekend and my dd saw some yarn she fell in love with and decided she wanted to learn to knit. I got her started on a scarf, and that girl has done such a great job!! She is having a hard time putting it down, too. She has a few mistakes in it, but for the most part, she's doing very well. Maybe she'll move to needle and thread next??


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