siding choices for home with active boys

scrappy25July 22, 2014

Greetings, we have a colonial 2 story home with an attached 2 car garage, currently sporting aluminum siding. Over the years the siding on the back of the garage, next to the clear part of the yard, has gotten progressively dented from all their play, especially baseballs. I finally found a large portable net 2 years ago that is about 10 feet tall by 20 feet wide to protect that part of the house. However, it is not the easiest thing to get up and down once in a while I catch them playing without it. I don't make a big deal of it now because the siding in that area is already so damaged that a few more dings won't make much difference. The rest of the house is fine.

We are ready to reside the house now. We have a middle class 1979 Garrison colonial tract home in a nice neighborhood. The siding of choice in this area is vinyl unless the houses have their original wood siding from the early 70's. All the vinyl siding seems to be about 4 inches height so I don't think they have insulated vinyl.

I have an estimate for Certainteed Monogram .046, 4 inches height m at about $11k (contractor 1 who will be doing my addition), and insulated 6 inch high Alside Prodigy .046 at about $18k, both including metal trim (contractor 2, dedicated siding/exterior renovation company).I am favoring the monogram but would like sturdier siding on the area behind the ball area, so asked contractor 1 if I could upgrade to insulated siding just behind the ball area. He replied that it had to be applied to the whole house since the thickness and lap were different.

Is there any solution that would allow me to use the noninsulated vinyl siding on most of the house but get a stiffer board just for the ball area? I have looked at LP Smartside and Hardiplank as well but they are 6 inches height and would not match the 4 inch high monogram. I am thinking that if the thickness worked, I would not mind the difference in height much if I could get it painted the same color as the vinyl and some sort of transition strip between then.

I will try to post a picture later. The siding on the back of the garage currently flows into the rest of the house without dividing trim.

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Here is the picture of the back of the garage. We have a metal grate over the small window since it has broken a few times with the baseballs.There is also a temporary trellis over the back that slightly distracts the eye from the broken siding (not much).

Interested in knowing where and how you could transition a stiffer impact resistant siding to regular vinyl siding. The garage part can be painted to match if needed.There is a full wall of siding on the side of the garage also (to the left of the picture) so a corner trim is needed.

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You don't mention the ages of your boys, but this playing catch is a temporary problem. Whereas mixing and matching siding is a more permanent solution.

Could you postpone the residing another few years until the boys are older? Or is there a way to keep the large net permanently installed until the boys are older?

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Commendable of you to 'sacrifice' your home for the happiness of your boys. They will love you for it in later years.

I prefer LP Smartlap over Hardi for just about any application. It's what I put on my own house and I have extensive experience with Hardi.

To transition, the logical place is to extend the corner board on the second story straight down to the deck, provided that you can do something similar to the other side of the garage. How it will look depends on what sidings you choose and how you will transition it at the front of the house unless you are just doing that one wall.

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I think you'd be better off building a fence/wall in front of that area. If/when you decide to sell or the boys grow out of their destructive phase, you can simply remove the fence.

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My boys are now almost out of the house ( youngest is 16), but they still enjoy throwing balls when they are together. Unfortunately, that does not occur much anymore. Many years of enjoyment and bonding have been well worth the damage to the siding. It is time to reside.

thanks rmtdoug. Is the Smartside thin enough that it can be used in tandem with regular monogram siding (with an interval trim piece). I see what you mean about extending the corner post down to the deck. On the outside corner (to the left of the picture) , is there a corner board that could be compatible with the vinyl siding on the side and the LP Smartside on the back? (Smartside would just be used in the damaged area).

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I second greg's motion.

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Sophie Wheeler

Put the same siding on the whole house.

Property destruction is not ''cute'' or ''sweet''. Nor is it a habit to tolerate. Ward woulda made the Beav pay for the broken windows and siding and taken away the ball the second time it happened. My mom would have cut a switch off the tree. Pick your own diciplinary approach, but stop this anti social behavior now and instill some respect for property into them NOW.

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Hollysprings, my husband was right in there with them causing that damage. Not delinquents, they know that our home is unusual in allowing that freedom. All Eagle Scouts and honor roll- one med student, one physics major at H. I think they are okay. Memories are more important than things. They have learned to replace glass and glaze in that window. I am sure they will be more careful if we have new siding. So no worries.

Anyhow contractor 1 said the regular vinyl siding is easy to replace in the event of damage even just one strip at a time so we will go that route. Thanks for the suggestion of continuing trim down from the corner. Will do that just to make that section a unit and easier to repair in the future.

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The LP is now 3/8 inch thick, I believe. So with your overlap it would be 3/4 inch. A 1 inch trim board would work nicely between the house and garage and the same on the corner. For the corner, you could even do a 1" trim on the LP side and 3/4" on the vinyl side. Then your reveals would be similar more likely than not.

A fence would eliminate dealing with any of this and then you could do the same siding everywhere.

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thanks doug, I think we are set with all vinyl as stated above. Appreciate your help

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A vote from left field (as it were) for cedar clapboards. Much tougher, better looking, and won't need to be replaced again in another 20-30 years.

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"and won't need to be replaced again in another 20-30 years."

I see no assurance that the "boys" will not be throwing baseballs against the garage for the next 20-30 years.

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