not loving ben moore marscapone on bdrm fireplace

suz1023June 7, 2012

it's a little too bright, not quite creamy enough yet.

plus it's not nearly glossy enough, second coat needs to have more luster.

i want it to look as though it's been there forever and has had many coats of paint. i used flexibrick in alaska white with white grout.

any suggestions for a deeper cream for a gold/green/pink/cream room?

walls are rosemary sprig and there are many greens in the room and pink fringe on the valances.

this is the style of fireplace, thanks to lavender lass

though mine is in a corner and painted brick not stucco.and the mantle is built out of dimensional lumber and will be painted.

but my little the electric fireplace sits inside just like that and is perfect!

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Linen white by BM, have it through out my house and it looks good with all colors you have listed.

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thanks--so is linen a deeper, less bright white cream color?

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I have linen white in my basement. It has a yellow undertone. My SIL has it in her living room. Seeems to look the same in natural light.

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How about Chatsworth Cream? I haven't seen it in actual paint, but I have the chip at home, and it seems creamier than my memory of Mascarpone.

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Yes, it is def cream, not so yellow that it is not considered creamy white. It is not bright and comes across as sort of antique, ykwim?

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I'm repainting things in ivory white. Its a lovely color. Another one would be Pratt and Lambert's seed pearl. We have that on the stairs. I thinks it's really beautiful.
good luck!

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On second examination and viewing chip in different lighting, I may have to rescind Chatsworth Cream recommendation, unless your want a really dusky pale yellow cream (almost pale tan in fluorescent store lighting); of course, paint would behave differently than ink on paper, so who knows.

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