Is a second 'brokers open house' ever possible?

farmhousegirlNovember 10, 2013

Just curious, has anyone ever had a second broker's open house? Seems it would be helpful to get more brokers in the door to realize your house is very nice and show clients. Has anyone done this?

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Anything is possible!

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What does your listing agent say?

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Of course. Around here it's not unusual if a house is sitting with little activity to see a second brokers open.

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Here's the thing: Brokers are lazy so your listing agent would have to bribe them, perhaps, with the best catering for lunch in town.
Is your agent willing to foot the bill?....and advertise to ALL the agencies in town? Is he/she creative?

I would take it off the market, reintroduce it, stage it, and hold a brokers open with the best lunch in town.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with PA and what motivates brokers and/or buyers in your area. Having lived in different parts of the country I can tell you that what works in CA may not work in NY.....

I see in your other post that you are frustrated with the sale....Just an FYI: In my state it depends which town your property is located and the culture of the buyers (Asian, Middleeastern....) as to what they want, and what they will pay for. You need to know your buyers. In certain towns people will pay for extras, in others you can have a gold plated house and you have to give it away....

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The house I currently live in did. Long story, but she had to have a second one as her clients didn't listen to her the first time, and left it the way they made use of the rooms (living room was the dining room, dining room was the living room and it made no sense).

Ironically, our agent didn't attend, I found the house online.

If you do have a second agent open, make sure there is a REASON to do so - new brochures, updates to the property since the first open, etc. Just to have a second agent open for more free food may not get many feet in the door.

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