replace or not patio slider, 20 yr old?

jaansuJuly 12, 2013

I'm about to have my slider door to the deck removed to solve a rot issue below it. The door seems in fine condition but I was wondering if these things have a lifetime and replace it while we have it out. Anyone have experience on how a slider goes bad?

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Sliders main problems are the rollers on which the moveable door rides. Which are replaceable.

The other---and much more troublesome problem is debris collecting in the channels and causing water to collect in the channels.

There is a good possibility the screws will strip on removal attempts. You may find the unit will be damaged enough replacing it will be necessary.

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Being proactive may be a good thing here as well. If you plan to change it and have the unit at the ready it may eliminate having to purchase something "off the shelf".

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I'd definitely replace if it does not have double pane, insulated glass.

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Fori is not pleased

Mine is from 1955. It works better than new ones. I'll probably replace it after the earthquake but I don't see any imminent expiration date.

If yours is a nonstandard size, though, being proactive is probably a good idea, especially if it might not survive the procedure.

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You better consider replacing it, it may be old & very quality product, but at that time, now you cant buy the same nor can have better servicing, so you go for change! replace it.

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