Another question------extending roofline?

scrappykatJuly 3, 2014

So I'm trying to buy a house (its a foreclosure) and i think the exterior is really ugly (see pic in the tearing down walls post---i couldn't figure out how to upload 2 pics :/))

it will probably need a new roof soon so I was wondering if it would be possible to extend the front roofline to create a covered porch like this one (see pic)

would this be super expensive?

thanks in advance for any input!

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Only if you reconstruct the roof entirely to extend a gable. The hip is at it's lowest point already. Bringing it down further would have you hitting your head, and reducing the slope of an already marginally sloped roof isn't really practical.

With all of the work you want to do to this ''ugly'' house, you would be better off tearing it down and building another house in its place. Whole home remodeling is never cost effective. Maybe you should buy a house that is more appealing to you from the beginning rather than spending 100K to remodel a 50K house.

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You could replace the roof--necessary to alter it to add the porch---by using trusses. That would make most of the walls inside non loadbearing.

But, the cost might be way too high for the end result and you will still need an architect/etc.

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thanks for the replys---this is a foreclosure on water-----excellent yard etc-----so its a really good deal

i'm just exploring possibilities here---i really want it for the lake frontage and yard, and will put up with the house

if all i can afford to do are cosmetic changes inside and out, i am good with that :)

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Interesting! It appears that one of the "decorative" support post on the existing porch roof is missing.

You should be able to simply continue the porch roof both ways from the existing.

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if i could do that snoony, it would b awesome! ty for your reply :)

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