Pillow cases from Israel

LinelleJune 7, 2014

Last year I was in Israel and bought these two pillowcases (Jerusalem and Hebron). I originally intended to frame them or otherwise turn them into wall hangings, but I never quite figured it out. I've been reluctant to use them as pillows since everything in my house ends up covered in cat hair.

These aren't particularly fine quality, the kind of stuff you find everywhere in the Holy Land. I think the one on the right might be handsewn, but the one on the left must be machine-made.

My home decor is eclectic and flexible, things I've acquired over time. I like these because I love where they came from and the people there. They've been in a drawer for over a year and that's long enough.

The colors are kinda accurate. They don't have to be used together. Do you think I just ought to pop a pillow inside and use them as intended?

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Those are beautiful and will evoke memories of your time in Israel. Part of me says put then on a pillow, but I like the idea of framing them. Gorgeous!

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I have a framed silk scarf that isn't valuable, just a pattern and colors that I love. If you want to frame them, take them to Michael's or a frame shop and let them frame them for you. They seem like they would make nice decorative throw pillows, too. I love having items that remind me of good times, but that aren't memorabilia per se.

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Nice! What about using them as a table topper for small tables?

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the cats will ruin them. get them framed.

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The largest one is 17" and I think they're meant to be on a vertical surface. I don't actually accessorize flat surfaces, other than shelves.

Here's another piece I bought in Jerusalem. It actually is handwork, from a Palestinian women's co-op. It's just a little flat piece and I framed it myself. There's a lot of glare in the photo. I wonder about hanging the other ones from a dowel and leaving them unframed and not under glass.

My cats would ruin them. They ruin everything. That's why I can't have nice things. Zephyr tore up part of my bedroom carpet in a fit of pique at being shut in my bedroom.

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Are sure your cats will bother them? I would love to have them out and used. Our cat never claws (she has nails) at pillows are even bothers with them. I would not think twice about putting them out. Of course each cat is different.

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I'm also a cat owner who has succumbed to destruction of my belongings by kitties. We can't have nice things.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cat owners can't have nice things

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They are all beautiful including the framed one. I would frame. I think the colors will look terrific on the walls. I personally like having some color on the walls.

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carsonheim, I love Simon's Cat.

rockybird, thanks for the nudge. I've never gotten anything done at Michael's but will see what they have to offer. Recently I went to Aaron Bros. and got an estimate for a 48 x 30 frame (in which I would have someone else install a mirror), nothing else, no glass, no matte. I had a 50% off coupon for custom frames. I chose a somewhat ordinary wood frame stock. They wanted $550, the discounted price. I decided to go another route.

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Those are beautiful pieces and hopefully you can find a way to enjoy them and not let them get into the wrong hands, er.... paws!! I would frame them but would not put them under glass. I have Central American molas that are framed that way. If you're interested I can get pictures for you tomorrow.

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dlm2000, yes please, I'd love to see pictures of your framed molas.

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Frame them will be a good choice rather than pop a pillow

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$550 at 50% off? That does sound high. I go to a local framer to get framing done. I have to admit that it is expensive. Still, to frame a piece that size, I think my quote with frame, matting, glass, gluing the piece with special glue (it was the original architecture plan for a 1958 house) was about 400-500. I want to say the cost was around 1200 for three, but maybe I am misremembering. Anyway, they are beautiful pieces, so be sure to follow up so we can see the end product.

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Rocky, I was shocked how high it was. The frame stock was solid wood, maybe 2 inches wide, but rather plain with a simple profile. No glass, no mat, no insertion of artwork. My entire vanity (alder, soft close, etc) cost 3 times that, but it's a piece of furniture, not four pieces of frame stock joined at the corners. I'm not sure what kind of game they were playing, to suggest that full price would have been $1100. About 10 years ago I had Aaron Bros. frame an art poster. It was such a comedy of errors that they ended up refunding my money and let me have it for free. OTOH, I like their ready-made frames and think they're a good price.

I'll check with an independent frame shop and maybe Michael's.

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Here they are Linelle - the *fabric* they are stitched to is actually a fabric matte board that just wasn't cut into a traditional matte form. There are tiny stitches that are hidden in the design that hold them to that. I wanted them to relate to each other but also be different, hence the different color matte fabric but same frames.

Ii think you could do something very similar with your pillows cases. Are the backs anything special? If you tack them as is to a matte fabric would they be to thick or could you remove the fronts from the rest of the case? You could also use a deeper framing - almost like a shadow box if they are too thick to look right with a regular frame. The molas have some dimension to them but not much - your pillows may be thicker.

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