How to reduce outside noise - Cork?

garrai81July 10, 2013

My master bedroom faces the street, and noise is an issue sometimes.

I believe that there is some "insulation" in the outside wall.

What is the best way to reduce noise from the outside?

Can I buy cork to line the wall (inside the bedroom)? I do not care about appearances at this point.

The window is already sealed.

I already have a white noise machine, but my hearing is too darn good. I hear everything...and that makes it hard to fall asleep.



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Cork will not help. Since most of the sound is from the windows you might try interior or exterior storm windows.

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If you can't replace the windows you can try hanging a heavy curtain. Look for styles that are lined with a blackout will help muffle the noise a little. You may be able to find them at JCPenney.

Otherwise, look into buying some good quality ear plugs.

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How old is the window? High quality? If older you may need to replace with a good quality window.

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Yes! have your windows replaced they are not going to help anymore they are outdated, better get installed storm windows.

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Sophie Wheeler

Air sealing, plus adding a second layer of drywall over sheet foam and replacing the windows with better quality models is about the only after the fact thing that is within most people's power to do unless you rebuild the room entirely. Cork won't do diddly.

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