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hapagirlJuly 13, 2012

My husband and I hired a contractor to do our bathroom and kitchen. The contractor only did the kitchen and not the bathroom. The kitchen is almost done, but there have been so many issues arising recently and I am not really satisfied with the remodel of the kitchen for many many many reasons.

1. We are redirecting the vent for the stove and the new vent was not made prior to the drywall being put up. SO, there's no hole for the vent at all and it will be installed once the appliances are here and everything is setup, meaning a cookie cutter hole in the cabinet. I know behind the cabinet is a big pipe for the gas and the vent needs an open area.

2. the crown molding for the cabinets have minor gaps everywhere and it is not properly aligned in some places.

3. granite seams are extremely noticeable and rough to the touch

4. the backboard of the cabinet under the sink had 3"x10" cut out for plumbing because plumber did not extend the hot and cold water lines out enough. So the plumber had to cut out the cabinet to be able to weld the lines

5. the electrical socket panel for the stove is slightly behind the cabinet, but the entire socket is completely visible

6. I can see all the screws that were used to screw in the cabinets. some of the screws nicked the wood a bit and they are not all screwed in the same, meaning some are screwed in well while others are not. Some of those screws cannot be hidden with whatever they use to hide it with. Plus, there are other ways to install the cabinets without seeing the screws. It is the same thing for the minor gaps in the cabinets.

7. we are redoing the entire downstairs floor due to the remodel. we were going to place a decorative mosaic tile in a particular location and explained to them how the tile needs to be placed so that the decorative piece would look nice. The tiling that they did was done wrong and now the decorative piece will need to be offset when the rest of the tiling is worked on.

8. Cabinets needed to be stored in my home for over 2 weeks before install

9. Remodel took about 2 months, length of getting it done is not in contract

  1. The painting on the ceiling was not done right prior to the cabinets being installed

So, there is a bit more the list, but I cannot think of it at the moment. I personally do not want these guys doing my bathroom and this other remodel to my house, which consists of a major structural change. If these guys are making minor mistakes like these for a new kitchen, I feel they would screw up a major project and the bathroom too. I heard I can do a change order. I am just wondering what to do. Can I just tell him that we are not interested in remodeling the bathroom anymore? Or that we will do it at a later date?

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YOU are paying them, either let em keep screwing up or fire em.

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Why would you do a major remodel that requires structural changes to your home after doing the kitchen and bath? Also your paying this guy, if he is doing a poor job, document take pictures and fire him writing. If your making progress payments hope you have not paid him to far in advance because even though the work may be shoddy he did and you won't get that back. But if I were you I would not give him another dime nor let him on your property if the work is that poor. Just be certain that you cover your bases and that his suppliers cannot lien your house if he doesn't pay for the material!

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It sounds to me that there is a disparity between the anticipated level of craftsmanship and the actual level of craftsmanship. Have you discussed your concerns with the contractor and what has been his response?

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I notice that you just signed on today. Have you had any direct conversation with your contractor about your concerns. That seems to me to be more appropriate than listing all of your concerns on gardenweb. Unless it makes you feel better to carp to strangers, there is certainly nothing we can do for you.

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That's a big list, and may be worth a stop=payment?

Did you see any of his work before deciding, like displays or references?
Did you decide based upon price only?
Granite seams are usually noticeable to some extent but rough to the touch?
The visible screws are an example of previewing his work. Most people don't necessarily notice until it's their house.
Considerate installers rosette them or plug them in my opinion.
The painting sequence can be poor planning, but doing trim against a finished ceiling has it's trappings too.

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