? bout Featherweights

aquadragonflyNovember 5, 2012

Ok, you ladies know your stuff when it comes to these things and I know some of you have them.

WHICH one is the Featherweight? I have been looking at them on ebay but have seen 221, 221-1, 99, AND 66 models all listed as the 'Featherweight' so a little help on which one is the REAL 'Featherweight'. Are all the ones listed above in that category?

Reminds me of the show whose line was 'Will the real ____ please stand up!' ok, so now that I am thoroughly confuzzled on this I am headed to bed. Hopefully someone will answer me soon...like later on in the A.M.

Thanks ladies!

:) Aqua

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Models 99 and 66 are not featherweights. Much heavier and larger.

Featherweights are models 221 (including 221-1) and 222 (a rarer free arm version.) They weigh about 11 pounds and have a sewing surface (bed) that fold up against the machine when in the box. You can google or look on Ebay and see photos.

Singer 99 is a 3/4 size machine that I have seen being sold as a featherweight by someone who didn't know the difference. Its a good machine but heavier. I have both.
Singer 301 is sometimes called Featherweight's big sister since it also has the fold up sewing surface in either a short or long bed. Great machine too.

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Totally agree with botanicat, and will add that I also have both the 222, and the 301. The 301 is my favorite though. Seems to be faster, and I enjoy the tan color, easier in the eyes. AND lots cheaper!

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Thank you very much! I was curious and had no clue....I would like one of the featherweights and the 301 (didn't know about them!) even if I never use either I want them for the history and the fact they are good machines and I could use them if I had too!
Although I would like a featherweight incase I get lucky enough to come to the retreat!!!

:) Aqua

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