First Granddaughter Quilt help... PLEASE!

wynativeNovember 24, 2010

My first grandchild - a GIRL! - is due April 19th :D My son told me that her quilt has to be SPECTACULAR because he wants it to be better than his MIL's... NO PRESSURE!

Now I am STRESSING!!! My DIL chose pink and lime green for the colors - I like them together but want to add maybe different shades of pink and some cream or ???

Now for the help part: I need a 'spectacular' patten! I have searched and searched but coming up with nothing that says 'spectacular'. Please if anyone that see's this has one, send me a site for the pattern - either free or paid.

Thanks so much :D

and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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You know -- 'spectacular' -- does not mean something has to be complicated, unusual or hard. I believe that the colors and the way the pattern flows as well as the quilting is the key to a wonderful quilt.
When my daughter was born, I had a Lone Star pattern made with soft shades of pink, green and lavender in it set in with a white background, and hand quilted... it was in my opinion 'spectacular' and she still has (and uses)this quilt... she is now 32 years old.

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Marie, Congrats on your new Baby G'girl!

I have seen an absolutely adorable 3D pinwheel quilt for a girl (on another forum I read). I think the 3D pinwheels will give texture and movement, your fabric choices will make it spectacular. Hot pink and Lime green are "the colors" for girls of all ages -- so I am told :). I am making a D9P for a young niece out of the pink and green, I added pale pink, dark purple and lavenders and bright white.

Google 3D pinwheel quilts - you will see alot. Some kind of plain, but others are very, very pretty. I think it is all in the fabric choices, and shading of the pinwheels.

I have linked a good tutorial on making a the block.

Barbara ~ sweet!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: 3D pinwheels

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Marie, I agree with Barbara. It doesn't have to be complicated to be spectacular. I'm still in love with the one I made for Great-granddaughter, Jaycie.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dancing Stars

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Barbara is soooo right!

I dropped into a quilt store just the other day and in the window they had a sample quilt that blew my socks off. It had a cheerful fabric with a cupcake print in largish squares. Framing it was a companion stripe in bright colors. And there was some pink companion fabric used in some way -- maybe pinwheels or something as a border. It all came together in a spectacular, joyful way but what I have the strong visual image of was the 8" or 9" blocks from a single piece of fabric with the simple strip on all 4 sides.

It was just a case of a lovely print used to great advantage.

Unfortunately, they don't have a pic of it on their site. I wish I could share it. It was such a little girl quilt! I should have taken a pic when I was there just to keep as inspiration. If I can get back up there in the next week I'll do that so you can see what's possible.

PS Great quilting also could make your quilt a standout.

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This is the one I want to make. It's so pretty I may just keep it myself.
I think they will love anything you make!
Looking forward to seeing the pattern you decide to make.

Here is a link that might be useful: PinkBabyQuilt

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With a child it's not always color and design that will make them love a quilt. It's very often texture especially for a very young child.
My grandson was given several blankest as a baby. The one he grabbed on to and loves best is very soft.
Same with one of the grand girls. She's three now and she still totes around the same blanket. Even in the dark with eyes closed she can find that blanket. It's about texture too.

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Marie, I found the pic of the 3D pinwheel I had saved.
I cannot copy and post it here - but I think I can email it to you if you want.
Google-- "Pinwheels" Eyelet Baby Quilt -- and it will take you to the picture. She used minky for the backing.

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THanks so much ladies - I really like the Pink Baby quilt and the dancing stars but I fell in love witht the Pinwheels! I read up on the blog site and I think that it will be easy enough for me to do and look great.

I was planning on using Batiks and she says that they work great for getting them to stand up! Wahoo, I believe I have found my pattern :D

Thanks to all! and Happy Turkey Day Eve,

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Just to keep you thinking & planning while you cook that turkey ~LOL~ this is the 'how to' on the prairie points for the border on the 3D pinwheel quilt that I saved. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Combine the Prairie Points and the 3D pinwheels and your quilt has to be spectacular and better than the MIL's!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a link that might be useful: Baby Pinwheels

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I just stopped back to ask what the 'pointy' binding was called and for instructions LOL

Thanks so much!! Now to wait till Friday so that I can go fabric shopping. . . The wait is going to be agony but yes, I do believe that when the quilt is done it will be better hehehehe

I always put fleece for backing but I will have to check out 'minky'. It sounds wonderfully softy!


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I just posted 2 little girl quilts I made with the dimensional pinwheels...very esay to make and are cute..

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Marie- Are you referring to prairie points?

I love, love, love batiks and I think the watercolor effect is perfect for baby quilts. Here's one I did a couple years ago. Not necessarily a traditional look for a baby quilt but it struck me as very dreamy palate.

The animal print batik that I used for the backing was a real find! Wish I had bought the bolt 'cause now it's gone and it's the last time I saw something with a juvenile motif.

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Here is a site that has some cute baby quilt patterns

Here is a link that might be useful: Desiree Designs

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Wow - very pretty and yes the colors are dreamy :D I didn't know that Batiks had print? Guess, I will have to go to a bigger shop or look on line to see what I can find.

I did go shopping for fabric's today - Got GREAT deals on quite a bit but they didn't have the colors I wanted in Batiks :(


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Yes, in my experience they've always had some pattern that was stamped with a resist. Formerly, they were small and unobtrusive -- more textural than figurative. Lately, they've been getting larger and more obvious -- nice for a feature fabric but tougher to get the watercolor effect with this style.

The batiks on the front are the older style. The back was a great place to take advantage of the animal print.

I like those colors too. I made that quilt for an African-American friend who had her first baby. Can you picture those colors and soft brown skin? They complemented one another wonderfully. ;>

Anyway, keep looking for the right colors. Batiks are not only beautiful to look at, they're woven so finely they have a beautiful hand and I suspect they'll wear like iron too.

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Rainey, I can imagine that with soft brown - sounds beautiful!

Karpet - I went to Desiree's site and all I have to say is WOW! and I ordered 2 of her pattern's LOL The little Bee one and also the Duck one - WAY CUTE!

I did an internet search for Batiks and I think I found the ones :D along with some Minky!


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Cathedral Windows always knocks my socks off, but probably too heavy for a baby.

Here is a link that might be useful: cathedral windows pattern

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I agree! Cathedral Windows 'knock socks off'! I think you also right that it may be to heavy for a baby - looks like there is quite a few layers but it would be beautiful for an older child - I am saving it for later LOL And her applique idea's are cute also :)


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