Material for skylite panels/shields

kellykathJuly 6, 2011

I'm hoping someone can give me some ideas (other than the typical (home depot acrylic panel) for placement in my skylites. I have several solar tube installations and instead of framing/installing them flush with the ceiling they were recessed somewhat and framed to look better. I will then place a clear/semi clear panel in between the frame/moulding for the solar tube and the interior dome/circular hole where the light filters through. Four are actual tubes and three are the more "typical" framed/drywalled skylites. The two larger openings are approx 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 that are incorporated into box beams in my kitchen and another is larger, approx. 2 x 3 1/2 in an art room. Can someone suggest something better looking than the old 1970's acrylic that was used to be placed in many of the florescent lighting fixtures in kitchen/ workspaces? It does not have to be clear - however I do not want any stained glass, or colored panels. I'm looking for a white material - - could be slightly opaque as well. Any ideas? They will need to bend slightly as the moulding they will be "resting" on has been installed. Thanks!

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I'm confused. Are you saying that your installation has no diffusers at the ceiling level? All you have is the open "hole" with the only cover being the materials at the roof level? And your finish trim is already installed at the ceiling, with no diffusers? First, I think you're probably going to have to remove that finished trim, at least in part, to get any rigid diffuser in there. Also, I think you need to break it into two questions: how to handle the solatube lights, and how to handle the boxed-in traditional lights. And then what is the purpose of the diffuser? Is the roof-level material clear rather than frosted, so you want to cut down on the amount of light? Or is it a looks thing?

Don't the solatubes have a reflective interior to the tube, so that you're looking up at something shiny? I know the companies manufacture different diffusers, and it would be best to use those.

For the boxed-in skylights, how is the interior finished? Is it drywalled? Are you not wanting to see the drywall, or what is the purpose of the diffuser? I think you can get some frosted plexiglass and go with that.

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Sorry I was not very informative . . . below are some pics.

This is the solar tube raised up. I will need some type of material to slightly "bend" and drop in to sit on the small crown that is flush with the ceiling. This installation looked more detailed/custom vs the circular installation mounted to the ceiling - especially when there is other recessed lights installed in the immediate area.

There are two of these in my kitchen and yes . . . these areas are drywalled but again, I would like a panel placed just above the moulding that is already in place. I do not have any heating issues so it would just be a decorative panel with a "clean" look. As the kitchen sky lights "share" one tunnel, I don't want to look up at the open area. I hope this is more informative. Thanks

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Have you considered a fabric stretched over a frame?


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