Refinish old solid wood doors or install new hollow doors

lalitharJuly 11, 2011

We are remodeling a house built in 1940s which has all hardwood doors that are very thick (I am not sure what kind of wood but an older neighbor says they are redwood). The doors are solid but have a kind of rough finish and are quite dark. I feel we should refinish them (maybe sand and polish them) but DH thinks that it would be simpler to just install new mid-range interior doors. Any advice? Has anyone done this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Should I refinish these old wood doors?

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Fori is not pleased

Those doors are different! Does the rustic look go with the current feel of the house?

It's easier (probably) to install new doors which would then have to be painted or stained. But you won't find anything of that quality (as far as I can tell from here of course) in a mid range door.

But you have to like them, and they are definitely a strong design feature so if you don't like them, they'll probably bug you.

They do look like redwood and they look like they wouldn't sand well. Can you test a closet door inside? If you COULD sand and finish them, they could be stunning. I don't think they'll be any lighter though--that's probably their natural color.

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Solid wood doors will be more soundproof.

But those are very unusual, well not seen in my area.

If you are thinking about replacing them anyway...

Are you leaving all the woodwork dark?
Have you thought of painting them white?

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Hello, The doors look like redwood siding.I worked in a saw mill in northern Ca and the plywood plant made paneling like that in the 70's. With that tickness is it possible the doors were paneled over? Maybe you can pull the door hardware off. If there is a bored hole for the door knob you can see what you have. If you paint make sure you prime with a primer that doesn't let redwood bleed through.
Good Luck Woodbutcher

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They do look as though the doors had paneling applied. Certainly 'different'!

If you'd paint your doors and casings, consider the MDF (MFD?) doors -- solid, heavy, block sound -- and are cheaper than hardwood doors.

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We tested and it is not paneled. A carpenter who looked at it also said it would be easy to sand the door. So I guess I have to look at interesting door handles and consider painting them?


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