Can I remove these "walls"?

dad4diyJuly 15, 2013

My cabinetmaker said I should have no problem removing the housing around the old fridge. During demo this weekend, I paused because the walls built around the old fridge look quite substantial. There are joists running perpendicular throughout the whole kitchen. The joists right above this fridge housing do go all the way to walls on each side but they pass over the fridge. What do you think? Do I need to call in a second opinion?

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Sophie Wheeler

If the joists rest on the outer wall, and the wall to the left of the fridge, then those stud enclosures around the fridge are merely decorative. Well, decorative in the structural sense anyway. Since you're demoing them, I'm pretty sure you don't consider them all that decorative in an aesthetic sense!

Don't forget to air seal and insulate properly before closing up the ceiling there. It will be a BIG improvement in the space!

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The substantial looking double top plates are there to allow nailing for the drywall.

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Thanks guys,
Holly, there is a second floor above the kitchen. Do people still insulate?

Renovator8, the drywalling point you made makes perfect sense.

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