krycek1984July 27, 2010

Does anyone have, or built, a sunroom/solarium (whatever you call it)? I would love to have one, but here in Northern Ohio, I would be very concerned about heat loss. Any thoughts? And what are your experiences?

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What do you mean by "heat loss"?
Depending on your budget a sunroom can be very different.

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Like, heat loss in the winter. Heat being lost through the glass. I know they make high-efficiency glass for them but still I was wondering if people had experience in them and if they were "cozy and warm" or drafty and cold.

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We added a small sunroom to our home about 24 years ago. Our house is small and it really opened it up and made it lighter. On the southern wall we have double hung floor to celing windows, the west side has one 36" wide double hung (also to the floor); and the east side has a 5' french door and two skylights.

The north is open to the house by an open archway of about 10ft.

The windows are all double paned, low e glass. The room does warm up in the winter on a sunny day and the ceramic floor is *supposed* to retain the heat (it was laid on a foundation of 4 ft. of cement ~ as per rules for getting the solar tax rebate on the last year it was offered).

HOWEVER, I would strongly suggest a small wood or gas stove to keep the place warm. We do have a small Vermont Castings wood stove and it heats the room nicely.

You'll love your sunroom if you put it on :)

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Thank you for responding! It sounds like you've really enjoyed your sunroom and it was a worthwhile investment for you!

I was doing some research and actually think I'm more interested in a solarium/conservatory (don't want a solid top).

That's excellent advice about the wood stove. Hopefully when we get the $$ to add it on, we will also be able to afford some radiant heating under the floor. A wood stove would be nice.

Half the reason I want to get it is to watch the snow in winter! We live in NE Ohio and it is SO beautiful when lake effect comes in and it just snows and snows and snows.

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Our sunroom is an addition with 6 skylights in roof and windows all along 3 sides. It is very comfortable year round. It has it's own small ac and furnace sepearate from the main house. It heats up and cools down very quickly. At night we shut the pocket doors and let it cool down. We used a programmable thermostat and it is warm when we open the doors in the morning.

It was built in 2007 using anderson windows and (I thnk) velux skylights. The windows are not cold to sit beside. We do have a fire place but we do not use it to heat although it does heat up the room when we do use it.

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