Confused about faucet finishes

momincApril 16, 2008

I am confused about the various finishes of faucets. Kohler, for example, has for its Forte faucet, chrome, brushed chrome, vibrant stainless and vibrant brushed nickel.

Moen has a chrome, brushed stainless and classic stainless. On my computer screen and in the brochure, the brushed items look very matte and actually kind of flat or odd.

I have never had to pick a kitchen faucet before and am not sure how to match or complement the other things in the kitchen. It will be white cabs, stainless steel sink, Silestone counters in Dianna Pearl. The pendant light and table light will be a brushed nickel, and the drawer pulls will probably be some type of brushed finish too.

Would chrome look odd? Can anyone comment on what the brushed finishes look like in person? Thanks!

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I am not sure about some of those finishes you have listed there but Kohlers brused nickel "sort" of looks goldish at times to me! It is supposedly silver. The brushed chrome is a creamy mercury almost. The polished Chrome is regular old bathroom fixture looking.
I just googled your pearl and if it was the goldish looking with black /white flecks, then I would stick with the regualr chrome to match the sink. If you were to change the sink then I would go with the Brushed Bronze color to match the countertops.

Hope this helps!

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I totally understand!! I ordered my faucet today and had to go with plain old chrome b/c the 'stainless' ones I looked at had a strange color and they were very different one brand to another. I also couldn't justify spending $100 more dollars for stainless when I was not sure I would like it any better.


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Stainless and brushed nickel look similar to each other but brushed nickel has a slightly warmer (more gold) look. The SS Moen Show House faucets that I saw were "normal," i.e., nothing jumped out at me as being oddly matte. I think that brushed nickel CAN BE more period/antiquey/cottagey, while SS CAN BE more modern/slick. I also think that a lot of visitors to your kitchen will not pick up on the subtle differences between the two finishes.

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Thanks for this feedback. Yes, the counter is a sandy tone, which works well because this is a beach house. Since everything else in the room and adjacent family room is silver or brushed nickel, I am not sure I want the more gold-toned look in a faucet.

I suppose I am going to have to get myself to a plumbing supply store to see if I can see any of these finishes in person.

Or just go with chrome, as that finish was the only faucet finish I ever saw until a couple of years ago!

Any other descriptions of the brushed finishes are welcome!

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I give up! I am also trying to make up my mind about a new kitchen faucet. I went to a big box store last night to see some in person. FWIW, many of the faucets on display have been abused to a point. Of course it made me think that my family is not the most delicate with any appliance or intstrument! Some of the "brushed" faucets looked as though the 'brush' was worn off, dulled and almost down to the original finish. So I think it was helpful in making me decide to stick to a chrome or stainless steel finish which is usually standard or cheaper anyways.

It was NOT helpful to go to the Big Box store to compare features within a group of faucets. The pullouts are harnessed down within the display so you have no idea of what range they have. Many of the faucets on the very top of the display were out of my sight line to see if they had a "faceplate?" (not sure of the appropriate term) but I only want a single base coming out of my granite. Sometimes there were boxes within reach that I could look at for this information, but not always. In all, it was an excercise in frustration and I think that I will do more research on line.

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Neesie, I went to both the local HDs and the local "higher end" plumbing supply place. HD only puts on display the lower end items. The plumbing supply places have a much better setup for looking at finishes (and of course much better products at much higher prices). I then cross-referenced "look and feel" information from stores with the more technical data picked up online. I also looked hard at the warranties -- most companies give a lifetime warranty against the finish going bad, but a few (Hamat) only give a 3 to 10 year warranty. I ended up making a spreadsheet!

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FWIW, our Kohler Vinnata in "vibrant brushed nickel" does not look gold. I know that some pics online show brushed nickel as "golden," and I was worried about that, but when I saw the display at EXPO and later at The Great Indoors, it did not appear "golden".

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I have the Delta Saxony in Stainless Steel. We went with it because stainless sink has a "brushed" look to it and all our appliances are stainless & black. The stainless finish with this product looked almost exactly like our frig, but easier to clean. I did look at a high end plumbing store when shopping around, they keep their display more up to date and nicer. And they don't seem to be abused as much.


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I'm glad I found this discussion because I bought a Peerless bathroom faucet in brush nickel and I keep looking at it. It appears to have a golden hue to me. I thought maybe it was the lighting. I think I will take it back (only sat it in the new sink to see what it would look like). I'm going to look at brushed chrome. I really didn't want the gold hue. The mirror I purchased has a silver tone frame.


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I agree that some of the stainless faucets have that gold tone instead of the shiny/satin nickel look. The Price Pfister Hanover #529-7TMS kitchen faucet is a pulldown with the handle on the side with a separate soap dispenser. IMO it has a very nice brushed finish yet it is a bright silver which goes very nicely with brushed satin nickel hardware. If I can figure out how to post a pic, I will. Otherwise, just google the item name & no. Good luck!

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My Kohler Vinnata in Brushed Nickel does not have a golden hue to it but it is a slightly warmer silver than my Newport Brass faucet.

My Newport Brass faucet in Brushed Nickel doesn't have a golden hue either.

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