Are you quilting this weekend? Oct. 4-6

lindaoh_gwOctober 3, 2013

I hope to quilt the large pile of quilt tops that I have ready for the frame. I also want to visit the LQS for a FQ sale. All the FQs are on sale for $1 each but you have to buy them in bundles of 10. I can do that! lol
I didn't get much sewing done this week except to put the borders on the quilt I am making for DD's baby shower. DH had total knee replacement surgery on Monday and came home on Wednesday. He needs help getting around the house plus PT at the hospital 3 days a week.
Are you quilting or sewing this weekend?
Linda OH

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Well unfortunately, my sewing room is now blocked off, with a huge crater in the floor, into the cement slab, cement dust covering everything. We developed a plumbing leak last week which resulted in a plumber with a chipping hammer in there for 6 hours. They gave us the option of filling it back up with concrete and we took that option since DH has done that many times in his work. I managed to get out the sewing machines, quilt in progress, Ott lites, etc. but the rest I had to just drape off with sheets the best I could and hope for the best. Hopefully he can get that done this weekend so that I can take the vacuum to it. It's funny how I can hold off sewing for a few days when there isn't an issue but when something comes along to prevent me from doing it I want to do it so bad.

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Oh, Rita, I feel for you. :( Good luck.

I will definitely not be in the sewing room this weekend. I have 27,000 bushels of apples (ok, maybe it just feels that way) to 'put up'. We went apple picking Wed. and this weekend is for making applesauce, apple butter, and apple pie filling.

That's what will keep me busy this weekend!

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I just don't know. I know I have to paint the front porch this weekend. Paint...quilt....seems like a dangerous combination.

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Maybe you could paint a quilt pattern in the porch like they do on barns!
No quilting here, it's cleanup time in and out before next weekend. How can 2 people make such a mess!

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I am traveling tonight to Nashville, then getting on a plane for Colorado in the morning! Plan on taking some applique with me.

For those of you that were at retreat and heard my story LOL Yes I am going back to see Jesus but this time I am taking my husband, son and daughter-in-law! hahahaha

I also hope to meet up with Sue while I am there.


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Linda, I hope your DH's recovery goes well. And that he doesn't want/need you to entertain him while he can't get around easily. :)

RIta, what a mess! I hope it's all fixed and cleaned up soon. You're right about access to the sewing room, though! As soon as you can't use it, you really, really want to.

Have fun,Jackie!

I may get a little time in the sewing room. I have a donation quilt on the frame that just needs the 2 short borders quilted so hopefully I can do that when I get home today.

Tomorrow we're going to see my mom and Sunday I have to play handbells for 3 worship services, so my only sewing time will be Sunday afternoon, and after "doing" church all morning I usually want a nap! LOL


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Linda OH, I know once you get started quilting, you'll have those tops done in no time.
Rita, I'm so sorry. It seems like that kind of dust can get everywhere. Good thing you were able to get your machines out.
Jennifer, My brother's apple tree produced abundantly this year. He picked half and took 9 bushes to an Amish cider mill and within an hour, had 27 gallons of cider. It was delicious!!! What he doesn't use or give away, he plans to freeze.
Patsy, I love the look of weathered wood. Let the porch go. :-)
Theresa, What mess? lol

I'll probably be doing some sewing. Still working on getting that Maverick Star top sewn together. Went to the thrift shop the other day and picked up 3 more plaid shirts for a little more variety....$3.50. Need to get them washed, de-boned and cut into squares.


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I went to the grocery this morning and then to the quilt shop after lunch. All the FQs in the store were included in the $1 sale. I came home with 40 of them. One group of 10 is 1930s and another group is Snowmen Gathering by Primitive Gatherings. I am thinking that the snowmen fabrics may be my exchange gift for our Christmas party if I can part with them. Another group is brown, blue, and red civil war fabrics and the last group is a mix of fqs for our birthday gift exchange at quilt group. What fun!
Linda OH

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Cracking up at several of the responses to this question. Started laughing when Linda said one had to buy the fat quarters in quantities of ten and she said she could do that. I think most of us would agree that would be easy. Laughed again at the apple comment. We have Five standard sized apple trees, and lost the sixth one when the load of apples were so heavy, it literally took the tree over and pulled the roots out of the ground, taking THOUSANDS of apples with it. We still have them sitting around in five gallon buckets to give away like zucchinis to unsuspecting visitors and I'm not complaining. I hope to either hem or bind off my Chinese Lantern quilt this weekend. I am very happy with how it turned out and it seemed to just flow out of my machines with little effort.

Theresa, good suggesting for Patsy's porch! Rita..............argh on your sewing room situation.

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Rita hope you get your sewing room cleaned up and put back together soon.

Jackie what kind of sewing stuff can you take on a plane with you so you can hand piece while on the plane? Do airlines let you take straight pins, sewing needles, small scissors and seam ripper to use while flying to hand piece? I have not flown since before 9/11, but am curious as to what is allowed on board in your bag that you take with you to your seat to do lap sewing work while in flight.

I have been a little under the weather since Friday, so am just taking it easy and hand piecing some granny square blocks. All ya'lls talk of canning is bringing back fond memories from my childhood and the large veggie garden and small orchard we had and my mom busy canning and we girls helping and purple thumbs from shelling peas and then Mom's fried apple/pear pies ... wonderful memories.

Best to you,

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I can't shake a sinus infection. We had so much rain this summer and it caused a lot of mold. POOR ME!

My 10yo great niece had heart surgery so I'm keeping things open in case I have the siblings.

I have been working on a Flynn Ryder vest for weeks and I need to get it in the mail.

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I haven't popped in for awhile and since I was taking a break I thought I would see what you'll were up to. Sounds like everyone is keeping very busy with life.

I won't be quilting this weekend. I haven't done hardly any quilting all summer. I was still gardening today and DH and I are going to dinner tonight to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.

I did piece a lap quilt for a nursing home in Sept. Just a very scrappy D9P.

I really didn't want to accumulate tons of fabric when i started quilting 2 1/2 years ago, but somehow I have. Can someone explain how that happens? So I've got three lap quilts started. I was cleaning the sewing room last weekend and came across fabric I bought to make two aprons, one for DS and one for a DF. So I'll want to get those done by Christmas. And I bought fabric to make DD a princess Lea outfit. Didn't want to do it, but I have a hard time saying no.

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I was allowed to bring my applique scissors (less than 4 inches) and I brought a pair of school scissors just in case. I also brought my needle case with needles, small applique pins and of course my applique work. I had read on TSA's website that blades less than 4 inches were allowed.


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Thanks Jackie. Happy anniversary Bev.

Best to you,

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Thank you, Sandra! It was a lovely day.

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Well, hope everyone had a good weekend!

Friday I dropped the oldest off at GS camp, then came home and prepped for Saturday.

Saturday was spent with the 2 littlest, I mean, helping me... with what amounted to preparing & canning 6 quarts of apple pie filling, 11 quarts of applesauce, and 6 pints of apple butter. [DH & DS went to DC to support the WWII vets at their memorial, and then visiting other memorials in the area. If anyone sees an article from AR, DS was interviewed by the newspaper affiliate traveling with the vets! Ds was wearing his cub scout uniform]

Today was spent recuperating from yesterday! lol But I did get 2 blocks of a project sewn together, in between band-aiding knees and hands.

I'm tired...

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I, too, loved the comments here this week!

The only thing I got to do in my sewing room this weekend was finish emptying it out. We are having new carpet installed in all but 2 rooms of the house - hard to cram that much stuff into those rooms!
The process is underway today - most of the old pulled out and half of the new re-installed.
DH and the dog went camping and will come home when it is finished!

Looking forward to hearing from Jackie!

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