Surprise, I liked a granite...

wolverine2April 26, 2013

I thought I was in love with soapstone. I researched it, got samples, and am convinced I am a soapstone-type person. My husband was slightly less-convinced than I, as he's not sure he wants a dark countertop, and we worry a little about it getting darker over time. But we both agreed we didn't like granite.

We took our first trip to the stone yard yesterday, and surprise surprise, we both fell in love with Costa Esmerelda granite. We are doing Adel white IKEA cabinets, and I think the green would look so good with them, and it would look less like we were trying that classic shaker look but slightly missing it due to the wide stiles on the IKEA doors.

So I think it will cost even more than soapstone now... wondering what else we can compromise on to get the countertop we love. Thinking of going pretty basic on appliances, since that's what we have now and never wished for anything better...

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Holly- Kay

I had to google it. It really is lovely. Good luck with it.

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I also googled it and it looks beautiful with white cabinets. Wonderful choice!

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I too googled it,it will look great with your white cabinets. Enjoy!!!

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Costa Esmeralda is gorgeous. We were going to use it before we decided to go with walnut cabinets. I'm sure it will look fabulous with your cabinets.

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Costa Esmeralda is very pretty. I saw a few slabs these past weeks while granite searching.

There are two kitchens on the Finished Kitchen blog which installed this granite should you wish to look. Search under "countertop" on the blog.

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Costa Esmerelda is lovely, though it varies a lot. Some slabs are a very light green, some darker, some are almost a kelly green. Some have white veining, some don't, some have a lot of blue, some don't. Costa Esmerelda's absorption rate is quite low at .15%-.35% according to the findstone website. That means it won't stain, and may not even need sealing, or sealing only very occasionally.

As to cost, try to see if there is more than one stoneyard in your area that has Costa Esmerelda. Sometimes the cost is quite different at different stone yards. It often depends on whether that yard has a bunch of slabs to sell, so they'll sell it for less to move their inventory faster, or only a couple slabs onsite so they'll price it higher.

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Wolverine - I could have written your post. I love soapstone, DH not so much. We just saw the Costa Esmerelda this week and both loved it! It was a light green with whitish veining. Never would have imagined liking it until we stumbled upon it in the stone yard. Beautiful. But $$$$. I understand the dilemma ....still on our short list though.

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Costa is a beautiful stone and there are several posters from awhile back that used that stone. It's a great choice with white cabs.

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CE is gorgeous and will look great with white cabinets. We had a similar shade of green granite in our last kitchen and really enjoyed the color.

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We just put in Costa Esmeralda (with natural cherry cabinets) and love it!!!! Yes, it was a budget buster ....... but a splurge that makes us happy every time we look at it.

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Our first choice was seafoam green, but after looking at several stoneyards and not finding any slabs with great color, we started looking at Costa esmerelda. As someone else said, there can be quite a variation in color, but it's a gorgeous stone, and looks stunning with white cabinets. We eventually found some great seafoam green, so that's what we ended up with, but it could easily have been the CE instead. The advice to look around a different stoneyards if possible is sound. We found quite a variation in price at the stoneyards we visited. Good luck with your search, and please share pictures when it's done.

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If I were looking into this every morning, I would think I had died and gone to heaven. Kind of like living on the water! Wow that's pretty!

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Oh wow! I believe I am going to rethink my current "inspiration vision" countertops for my kitchen! Love it!

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GWer Positano used Costa Esmerelda in her white kitchen. Here's a link; hope it works.

Snookums love that; is that Costa Esmerelda? If so I've never seen it that vibrant. Wolverine did the slabs you saw look like that?

Here is a link that might be useful: Positano's kitchen with Costa Esmerelda

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This is the slab I saw on the floor (the color is much nicer than in this picture)- didn't look at all the slabs because we were just browsing- but now I will!

mulemom, let me know what you decide! We have to figure out soon if this is even a possibility in our budget before I start loving it too much...

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Oh, that's beautiful! I hope you can find a way to get what you love.

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We put CE in a number of years, and I still frequently run my hand over it lovingly. I just find it so beautiful....

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That is gorgeous, Bestyears.

Yes the one I posted came from a CE search. It was the most vibrant. I've always loved the greens.

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Wolverines that slab is gorgeous. Love the white chunk towards the top of it. Make sure when you are templating to give that white chunk a great spot if you can!

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Bestyears, your kitchen was one I kept looking at when we were going to re-do our cabinets & change the countertops. Your CE is lovely, and you gave us the idea of adding moldings to the cabinets. We stained our cabinets, but had the staining not gone well, they would have been painted white. Your kitchen is a lovely, relaxing space. Thanks!

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bestyears, that is so beautiful... that's our sink too (except the single), so I can completely imagine my kitchen! Unfortunately, that's not "my" slab... just the one we saw... we're not quite to the decision point yet, but I really really hope we can find a way to make it work. Will have to look for reasonably priced hardware, appliances, and backsplash!

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I LOVE that sink! I hesitated because I just wasn't sure about the quality of an IKEA sink. We did our bathrooms just prior to the kitchen, and I loved the IKEA bathroom sinks but didn't use them because I just wasn't sure about them holding up. I so regret not putting them in the bathroom. That Domsjo sink is one of my favorite things in the kitchen. The hardware is from IKEA as well.

Thanks for the kind words all!

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Bestyears, what is your backsplash? It looks great. I originally was thinking of a green subway tile backsplash, but if I get the green granite, I think white would be good.

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It is the Cape Cod series from Emser. It has a glazed, crackle finish on it, which I just loved, and had to have. But in hindsight, you can just *barely* see it.... I would probably do just plain cream subways at half the cost instead....

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half the cost is what I'll need! Hoping I can find something so basic at a low cost... though yours is really beautiful.

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