Egads! Not completely satisfied with kitchen floorplan.

emma823July 12, 2010


I am at wits end as we have gone back and forth with architect and city planning 2 times already (additional $3k in wasted architect fees). Here's the current ground floor plans and we can't seem to figure out a way to have the kitchen and family room be one large open space without sacrificing the functionality of the family room. I've been an avid long time reader of those much more experienced than I in GW and hope someone can help. Our current plans have the kitchen and dining room sharing the open space which is acceptable since we plan to have good amount of family/friends over for meals. However, we prefer to open up the kitchen to the family room instead, and lead out to the backyard. The issue that we can't get around is that the family room is somewhat narrow (22'x13') and if we open up the wall between kitchen, then it would be difficult to have the family enjoy watching TV in that room with seating. Any ideas? Here is a link to the floorplan for first floor.

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Are you looking for more seating than in your plan now. If not, it would easily work and be fairly similar to what we have. You will need to turn around the kitchen and put in a door to the dining room. Here's what we ended up with (You would have a larger family room)

View from Family Room

View from Kitchen to Family Room

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Salmon- Beautiful kitchen! I'm thinking of doing something similar, by opening up the kitchen to the living room. How do you like having the island all one level? I've thought about raising the seating side, to hide some clutter, but I really like the way yours looks :)

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You'll get a lot more responses if you post this in the Kitchens forum.

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Hi weedy! Did you see the new front door we got? Have to work on the walls this weekend and get the trim on but it came our great.

Lavendar, we had a split level island prior and much prefer the single level. You can spread out. We have a deep single tub sink that "hides" when we need it to


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