Uneven gap between french doors

tadrJuly 17, 2011

We chose Andersen french doors for our remodel and had a contractor install them. There is a gap between the two doors that is wider on the bottom and narrower on the top, and the doorjamb on the right and left sides of the doors look bowed at the bottom (like they didn't shim it out evenly). When we brought this up to the contractor, he said that he would "take care of it at the end of the project as a punchlist item" and didn't seem concerned at all. I am concerned that the doors may need to be completely removed and re-hung for them to be installed properly.. and am not sure if I should trust the contractor and wait till the end of the project, or if I should pressure him to fix it now. Any ideas? How would he even fix this once all the trim is up?

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Not right---- needs to be fixed before trim is installed.

It is your house and he is obligated to do the work the way you want it done.

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Bad install.

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