Guess what I found out???

aquadragonflyOctober 20, 2012

I thought there were NO quilting guilds or anything of the sort around here, BUT I went to a Sewing center on Friday to look at a sewing machine AND I was talking to the lady there an I asked her WHY we don't have any she said honey we DO!!!

She told me who they were and how to find them!!! I was so pleased.

ANNNND I found out they sell bundles of FQs at the shop too so I don't have to search ebay anymore YIPPPEEE.....and she showed me a very nice Bernina machine I am thinking really hard about because they service them there too...oh oh, and they also have top quality thread at very reasonable prices!

ANNNND if you buy your machine there, they give you FREE quilting classes!!!

I left there grinning from ear to ear!

:) Aqua

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Congratulations. That's a wonderful start. Once you link up with other quilters, you will have all sorts of support and help to get started. It's good to reach out. I started with one class on how to make a table runner and went on from there. Good luck.

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Yeah. Sounds like you've found the source of a great new group of friends and fellow quilters.

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I don't know how up to date this list is, but you can look around and see if there are others.


Here is a link that might be useful: Quilt Guilds and Shows Worldwide

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Good for you. It sounds like just the right start for you. Good luck.

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Congrats to you, Aqua! Looks like you will be a busy quilter and have lots of new ideas.

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Thanks everybody, I was very happy to find out about the guild and the classes at least for quilting...

Thanks Sharon, I haven't looked at the list yet but I will.

:) Aqua

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Geeze sounds like the stars were all in perfect alighnment. Almost tempting to extremes. Have fun with it all.

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