All frig/freeze pics. Need help finding pulls to match.

PekeApril 21, 2013

Hi all, I have two cabinets installed. Cabinet doors are being stained. All refrigerator and all freezer are working well. Dishwasher is not installed in the second cabinet yet.

I don't know how to post pictures all at once so I will post one at a time.

Frigidaire all-freezer and all-refrigerator is next to my 28 year old GE refrigerator. Still working maker works too. It just doesn't look good after all the moving around when DH was in military.

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Here is a side view of the handle.

I need help finding a drawer pull to match it. Nickel or stainless steel...satin or brushed. I have spent all day yesterday and today looking for a pull in my price range....around $8-10.00.

I will also post more pics of the pantry and dishwasher cabinets so you can see the stain color. Thank you for any advice. Peke

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This is the pantry cabinet and dishwasher cabinet.

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This is my cookbook cabinet...doors not on yet. I will probably put other things in there too. I do not have that many cookbooks. ðÂÂÂ

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I found this one pull, but it only comes in the 5" size. I found it at Lowe's. L.G. Sourcing made it, but I couldn't find any more sizes. Has anyone seen a pull close to this one?

I don't care for the ends sticking out. They will snag on pockets. I do like the arch though. The underside is rounded where your fingers go. No sharp angles.

My largest drawers are 36" wide so I think I need a larger pull on those.
Thank you for any suggestions. Peke

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I know there are arched ones somewhere, I've just seen too much to know where!

These princetonian pulls are popular here and similar style.

Here is a link that might be useful: Princetonian pulls

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The arched pull reminds me somewhat of badgergal's great pulls. Hers are Greenwich pulls by Hickory Hardware. You can see them in her reveal linked below:

Here is a link that might be useful: re-reveal curvy natural cherry kitchen (tons of pics)

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Thank you. I think badgergal's are exactly like my frig and dishwasher handles. Now to see if I can afford them.....

I also fell in love with this cup pull. I don't know where I would put them though

I don't know what style of kitchen I have. Maybe they could go in the bathroom


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