Relative cabinetry prices: brand vs. brand (cont'd)

dreamojeanApril 18, 2013

Hi, I'd like to restart the invaluable discussion ranking cabinetry by price (and to a certain extent by value/quality), using the discussion at the following link - - I started to recreate a longer list from least to most expensive, here's the list I got to (I got tired mid-discussion so it could be beefed up, but this is a nice summary as far as I got, along with some of the helpful annotations along the line):

(Scherr’s frameless RTA ��" custom sizing and options, maybe 2x IKEA)
Shenandoah/Comparable Home Depot Brand
Kraft Maid
Brookhaven or Canyon Creek (compares favorably with Brookhaven)
Medallion (same manufacturer as Schuler (most expensive brand at Lowe's, probably just below (more expensive than) Thomasville) or Dynasty (Medallion … quality control is far superior to KraftMaid with a beautiful finish and many, many options. Several KDs who post on this forum have consistently given Medalion very strong recommendations)
Custom Design by Amish builder my CKD knows
Karman is in the middle (avoid them...they have switch and bait displays)
Showplace or Fieldstone or Lifetime or Wellborn
Brookhaven or Wellborn
Shiloh - great value in an upper midrange cab. Full plywood boxes, wood reinforcements instead of the cheap plastic stapled braces, no upcharge for glazing. Very nice finish and though not cheap certainly not expensive
Plain & Fancy or Quakermade
?[Quality Custom Cabinets/QCCI]
Omega semi-custom
Omega custom / Woodmode

Many of the companies that are mentioned are all part of another. For example, Masterbrand cabinets offers: Thomasville, Diamond, Shrock, Kemper, etc. Masco cabinets offers: Kraftmaid, Woodgate, Mill's Pride, etc. Woodmark offers: Shenandoah, American Woodmark, Timberlake, etc. Elkay offers: Schuler, Medallion, etc. IKEA has their own brand. So, many of what you see are similar door styles, construction, and color/paint. The name changes depending on who's selling it, i.e. Lowe's, Depot, private dealer, etc
For us, schuler/medallion has the best wood finish for their price category. I've looked extensively at diamond/thomasville and omega/dynasty, and they're both beautiful. We almost went, first, with dynasty, then with diamond. But Schuler came closest to an incredible matte finish that I have only otherwise seen in Columbia and Woodmode
There is very little difference between Omega and Dynasty. The exterior finish is one and the same and you CAN customize the Dynasty. For examples, it's less expensive to order a reduced depth Dynasty, than a 18"D Omega or order a Dynasty piece with a finished interior, if necessary.
Woodmode, Rutt & QCC are heads & tails over Omega - their construction details and finish is much, much better.
Plain & Fancy, Crystal and Candlelight are fabulous upper mid level cabinets.
For mid range, Cabico is a great value (frameless, too), as are Medallion (the best finish for a mid range imo) and Dynasty (I recommend lumberyards where pricing is very competative). Just a note, you make encounter the DynastyI line - they provide a inset panel as opposed to a reversed raised door on shaker style doors and are a more budget friendly line.

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where do Conestoga and Scherr's (custom ready-to-assemble outfits) fit into the list above? How about the stock cabinet-maker Fabuwood, which a local kitchen designer's preferred cabinet?

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Has anyone heard of or used WoodHarbor cabinets?

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dreamojean: Thank you for taking the time to put this list together. I've spent months educating myself on the various lines, yet I am still not sure on a few things. You mention the Columbia cabinets in your descriptions, but it isnt in the list. Do you know where it would land in terms of quality / cost?

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I would love to see square footage price ranges per cabinet but for now, I thank you for this list.

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Any information on where crownpoint falls in this list?

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You might want to check this thread compiled by the pros on the board. While there are a few discrepancies from real life (some of the pros used a lower margin than others) it is much more accurate thn this.

Here is a link that might be useful: white shaker pricing

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