Triple Kitchen Sink

wawCooksApril 8, 2013

Hi, Working through the plans to renovate our kitchen and debating on kitchen sink. Wanted a Silgranite sink BUT functionality key and think the configuration of two equal sized bowls flanking a smaller disposal basin (three compartments total) is the most practical for the way DH, DD and I "flow" in our kitchen

It APPEARS that the only options we have for this configuration is a stainless sink? However, before we jumped to a stainless undermount with three sections and gave up the dream for a silgranit or fireclay...thought I'd run this topic up the flagpole at GW. Anyone else find another option with that configuration? I searched on the forum to see if the topic had been raised before and didn't come across something - but maybe I used the wrong search phrases though so if you recall this being adressed before, please point me in the right direction :)

The kitchen is too narrow for an island or a third prep sink so we will have sink location and think one with 2 or 3 compartments makes most sense.

We are often working all at one time, some dishes soaking, veggies being rinsed, and peelings being created. It seemed to make sense with the flow of several people working at one time to get meals prepared to be able to put the disposable stuff out of the way of working space.

However, thoughts and feedback welcome. :) Regards, Cheryl

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Cheryl, you won't find many on GW with triple sinks, ....but I do have a SS undermount triple sink. Would I do it again, hmmm, just not sure. It does work well for me, and especially when there are numerous cooks in the kitchen as in your situation. My sink is just under 4' wide, so it pretty big, and the two larger basins are quite large. You will have a heck of a time finding a faucet with a long enough spout reach that reaches all three sinks well. I truly wish I had gone with two faucets, and it's probably not too late for me to do that now. We do have a second smaller sink in the kitchen, but we use that more as a bar sink.

I've seen triple sinks in SS, Swanstone, and copper so there are lots of options. I've personally never had a Swanstone sink, but a friend does, and she loves it.

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Here is a thread regarding triple sinks. Hope that helps.

My old kitchen had a tripe bowl sinks and I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Maybe if you posted your kitchen layout, others may have suggestions for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Triple sink thread

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Sophie Wheeler

They are a huge inefficient waste of space. It's more efficient to have two separate single bowls in two locations. One large one in the cleanup zone, and a smaller one in the prep zone. That multiplies the number of people that you can have working in the kitchen because you have multiple sources of water.

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Works for us.... Actually I think it's hugely efficient!! :) All water and washing in one big area with no wasted walking around and always right by the dishwasher and disposal. Three people can easily stand at it and share the touch faucet if need be.

I went with the Kohler Pro Taskcenter. 5 feet total length. each of the two larger sinks measure 21 wide by 17.5. It takes up the center window section in the photos. Sorry for the real-life messy photos!

We have a separate bar sink and I didn't want a prep sink in my island. I like to spread out in every direction when working at the island and didn't want to sacrifice any of the surface area of the island to a sink.

A big single wasn't for me: I always have things draining.... yes, I wash a lot by hand: knives, wooden spoons, delicate china teacups etc. So the draining compartment is important to me. If I have something soaking then I can still use the disposal section to pitch out liquids etc before loading in the dishwasher. And things that just need a quick rinse can get it and then get set over on the draining side.

The sliding accessories are amazing. It comes with a huge cutting board, a heavy stainless colander, a plastic basin and a foldable grate. The colander and basin are the shape of the center section and all four pieces can slide along on the inset lip and go the full length of the sink just like the Kohler Stages sink allows for sliding accessories.
In the photos above, the grate is folded in half and I have a sink drainer down in the bottom of the sink so I have double the draining area if necessary.

It's an absolute joy to work at and was one of my best kitchen decisions. Triples aren't everyones cup of tea, but it's perfect for me!

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Until you have used a triple bowl sink, you don't realize how useful the third bowl can be. But they do need more space, so unless you have enough space and at least a 36' base cabinet, you shouldn't get a triple bowl sink. I have the Ruvati RVH8500 and I love it. The two large bowls are big and the 3rd bowl is handy when the other 2 are filled with dishes. We connected our garbage disposal to the center bowl.

Here is a link that might be useful: Triple Bowl Sink

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Thank you all for your incredibly useful feedback. The link to the thread VERY VERY helpful as well as the responses above and the pictures. Now we just have to decide if we can part with all the space required for the proper application of a triple bowl sink. Given that work in the kitchen consists of chopping/mixing and washing/cleaning/straining/draining/rinsing it does make sense to allow enough work space for sink work ...and allow the space to take the priority that counter space does. Giving up that much under counter space is a big ouch...will think through this seriously and thanks so much for the input.

We will post pics of current and planned layout for feedback once we figure out how to do that technologically :). Lol.


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I'm sorry I just don't get needing a separate basins. If I want to soak a pot I fill it with water and let it sit in the bottom of the sink. If I want to soak a spoon, I put it in the pot that is soaking too. I don't fill the sink. In fact I have probably used the water stop in my sink 3 times in 15 years.... If you don't trust your dishwasher, OK maybe....
I used to think having a second sink to set cleaned dishes in was important too, but putting them on a drying rack on the counter works, or a sink with a drain board....

I'm going to point you to the Kohler Stages video online. If you want a functional space for cutting, cleaning etc, its not bowls you need, it's space and accessories. If you can't have two sinks (or three ;) ), then get the most function out of one for sure. You will spend more time at this space than most others in your kitchen. Also get a good faucet for the same reason.

Here is a link that might be useful: Warning, this might change your mind.

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How nice to find this discussion as there are very few triple bowl sink users out there. I am planning a future kitchen remodel. I bought my house 15 years ago and the previous owner had the triple bowl. I have grown accustomed to it over the years. I have tried to talk myself into the idea of a single bowl large sink but it has been hard to imagine. I do a lot of cooking and all the family parties are at my house. Inevitably people are helping out with cutting,chopping, washing pots as we go. My garbage disposal has to be available to use while prepping the food. I have a nice sized kitchen but not enough space for a prep sink on an island. Also for everyday one of the sink bowls holds the dry things that can't go in the dishwasher. I prefer a semi-clean look and I don't like a dish drainer sitting out on the countertop. The Ruvati triple sink in stainless looks gorgeous compared to my tired Kohler porcelain triple bowl.

Wondering how uncouthtownie likes her Ruvati triple sink.
The bowls are not wide but very long seems great for pans. Is the soundproofing pretty good for a stainless sink? I have thought of the Kohler Stages as an option too as that definitely addresses all the prep work in cooking particularly when there are multiple cooks. Now I realize how important the sink is to one's kitchen! (The base cabinet has to be large mine is 42 inches but it is a good place to store the recyclables in pullout bins.)

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Yup. I don't see the need for separate basins either. I fill a pot with water to wash it and any related mixing spoons, etc. I don't need a basin for that. We don't have a disposal, so no need for a sink for that...and - there are nice dish drainers that fit over part of the sink if you need a place to drain things. Two basins really seems too confining, too limiting.

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