Trail run, sigh ...

grammypOctober 7, 2013

I made the binding for all 6 quilts this weekend and got it sewn on today. Then the Forrest Service calls and tells us our permit for the run has been cancelled. If we have fewer than 75 on the trail (including workers) we can still have it because no permit is required if you have fewer than 75. That's ok, we have 12 preregistered and last year had 38 run, so there is no way we will have more than 75. We are still on. Then she calls back and says since this is a fund raiser and we are charging a fee it may have to be cancelled. She will do some more checking and call us back tomorrow.

Sigh. Let's hear it for government shutdown.

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Hoping it all works out for you!

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Isn't the run this month? Why didn't they tell you all those things when you applied for the permit? Makes you want to hide away in your quilting room, eh? As Marge said, hope it all works out for you.


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So sorry to hear this.
But government, whether shutdown or not does throw monkey wrenches in our plans. About seven years ago, my DD #2 bought a piece of property on a lake to build her retirement home. Plans made etc. but when she applied for permission this year to start building, "Permission denied". So she has been in limbo for the past five months trying to get this resolved.
Hope you get your permission.

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Tell the forest service that YOU, along with a bunch of quilters spread throughout the country have fabric invested in this process and get over it....this is a charity run, with hours of charity quilt labor invested...Power to the're going to Run for the Cause and they need to turn over the't shutdown or not :-)


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Just think how much quilting you'll do next Retreat, since these 6 quilts will already be done and waiting?!

No, really. Gov't is such a pain... hope it all works out so this year's run works out.

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Beverly ~ I was wondering about your event.
Change your fee to donation -- and the fundraising parts outside the federal property -- change your signs -- is it possible to hold the start & finish outside the park & the run thru the park to work around the issue? (which no one is clear on what or who is making these decisions). Maybe your Sponsor (HD?) can help locally and be a hero.
Lots of 'non essentials' in my area :~)

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Oh Beverly! I'm so sorry you have hit this snag. Hoping it will all be resolved, either by a more cooperative Forest Service or by creative thinking.

Is there a local university campus you could run on? Or a city park system?

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