Mama's got a brand new sweetie

calliopeOctober 10, 2013

Welcome machine number nine. Singer Fashion Mate 237. Cast iron head, metal gears, made in Italy. Clean as a whistle and looks new, in fibre board case instead of plastic. She sews nice. Just threaded her up and gave her a test run. Everything is intact, and even the light works. Is even convertible to a treadle and I just might do that. My mother always had a penchant for sewing machines and it was one she picked up at an auction I imagine and used along with her treadle. My daughter asked for her treadle and just today I examined her electric for the first time and it will be set up in my sewing room and used. The later 237s had drop-able feed dogs but this one is an early one and from the serial number suspect it is older than most people think they were made. Late 1950s according to the published Singer date codes. Even the foot pedal is heavy. My new machine has a heavy head, a prerequisite for me. I hate plastic anythings, especially gears and I also don't like portable machines so light they travel and that includes the foot pedals. Happy camper here. Knowing my Mama, she had an eye for good deals at auctions and rarely got stung, but neither did she mind paying a fair price for something she knew would be in good working order. She passed away seven years ago next spring, but she'll be happy to know it'll be used and appreciated. My next quilt will be sewn on this one. It sure runs smooth and will run even smoother when I clean and oil it up.

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Congratulations! The Fashion Mate's are the Brunhildes of the Singer machines - mine from the late 60s weighs a ton. My parents gave it to me for my college graduation present. I won't ever give her away.


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I was going to give her a name, thanks for bringing up Brunhilde, it fits. I couldn't believe how heavy it is. Not one you'd want to travel with for sure. Couldn't believe it actually had zig zag stitch on it. I'll have to get a plate to go over the feed dogs. The early ones don't have a drop, but betcha my old Necchi FMQ foot fits. It's worked on all my machines so far and I love the scissor action instead of those flimsy pieces of wire and cheap springs, even on the expensive ones.

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From your description, Brunhilde is the perfect name for your new sweetie. It sounds like you're more than ready to start that next quilt and use your new to you machine. Enjoy!


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Hey! I'm not the only new momma here! Congratulations on your new sweetie! Enjoy playing with her.

[I knew I wasn't the only one with the disease.]

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Congrats on deciding it was time to bring her out to play! Yay!
Where has she been in her 'Retirement'? She will love you back for many more years for waking her up -- your Sleeping Beauty.
Such a nice memory of your Mom!

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She had been sitting in her carrying case, and I thought it was an old movie projector, and I dig those out about every twenty years. Since no portable sewing machine could weigh that much, I never opened it up to look. Then I got to wondering where Mama's sewing machine was, and looked. Yes Jennifer acquiring old machines is indeed a disease, particularly when you have no intention to actually start a collection. It just happens. I think quilters are particularly susceptible as opposed to sewers because there are specific things quiltrers look for in a machine, and many do not need things like fancy stitches, but look for machines with the capacity to bite through bulky sandwiches and for durability and reliability. I don't think men have a leg to stand on when they question why women tend to collect them (yes I know many men are fine tailors and also sew) when many of them do the same thing with tools they think they may use sometime in the future.

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Congrats, Calliope! New machines are so fun... even (especially) new old machines!

I know about needing different machines for different tasks.... Last night, I needed all 3 machines for 1 project.... one top stitches best, one has the best blanket stitch, and the other does embroidery. I was doing a monogrammed, quilted tote bag and really needed each one! Of course I could have gotten by with just one or two, but I wanted the best of all worlds ;o). Be nice if I had space to leave them all set up all the time...

Anyway, enjoy your new baby. I know a few people who have put electric machines in treadle bases and loved it!

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Congratulations Calliope! I'd love to have one myself...but I've had to stop myself, LOL. No more storage or sewing room.

Enjoy her!

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I absolutely love discussions of the old Singer sewing machines! I have a few , and enjoy using every one of them!
Recognized all the attachments in Jennifers post, and own and have used most.

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Congratulations .... It sure sounds like family winner ...what a fun find!

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Hope you and Brunhilde are bonding this weekend, Calliope!

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