Retractable Screens for Marvin Sliding Door

ejr2005June 4, 2006

We have an 8' Marvin sliding door and want to get a retractable screen for it. We're considering both Phantom Screens and Dreamscreens, and anything else that might work. We're not DIY, so we would need them installed. The standard color for the Dreamscreen is better (Creme).

Does anyone know what the differences are between these two products? The door handles inside and out stick out over 2". I can't quite figure out how the screens go, and whether the handles will present a problem.

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I can't help you with your problem but am waiting for the answer. I plan of ordering 2 Marvin sliding glass doors this week. Do you like them?? Any regrets??

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I don't know about the ones you listed, but our Anderson French door came with a retractable screen (how do they get it to rollup in that little space?) and we really love it.

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So far we love our Marvin slider. As spring progresses we've found we can't open it as much - too many bugs! It needed some adjustment at the beginning. A rep came out and adjusted it no problem.

Marvin has been fabulous! We have a set of two very tall French doors in another room. After they were installed last fall they were fine. Then we got a lot of rain. Slowly the bottom of one swelled and started hitting the bottom of the other and eventually we couldn't open the door. The Marvin person came, saw the problem, and ordered us a whole new set of doors about 1/8" narrower (these are very expensive doors). When he came back to install them (a few months later due mostly to us) the original doors were fine. He said he thought that might happen (companies use very green wood to make doors so they may take some time to get to their proper size). He left the new doors with us - so we have a spare in case something happens to the others.

So far the same person has come back to do all the servicing. He's from Marvin itself. (The contractor also has the store that sold us the windows as a back-up but so far we haven't needed them). He's great - fixed a couple of other small problems. I really feel like they stand behind their products.

We're having a lot of problems with our Miele appliances - their service is supposedly great but there's no comparison. Miele is a total pain, Marvin is a total pleasure.

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We just had 2 Marvin 8' sliding doors installed on our sunporch last week. So far they are great. We also got a new Pella sliding door (also 8') for our kitchen about a year ago. It has been great. I actually like the Pella better. I ordered Marvin for the porch because I wanted slider windows and Pella doesn't make sliders. I would love to get retractable screens but have a fear that wildlife (raccoons, squirrels etc...) would be able to get through them quite easily. If I am wrong about that please let me know.

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I considered retractables too, but decided against them because we have a small dog. First squirrel sighting and we'd have a hole in the screen. Someone else posting here had a problem with her cats, who wanted to climb the screens.

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Thanks everyone. We don't have any animals (yet) and are pretty sure that wildlife won't be too tempted to charge through the screens into our house. Looked into Dreamscreens and they don't have an installer in our area. Though the Phantoms aren't as good a color, they're not too bad (hopefully). Called them Friday and they are coming to install Monday.

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Update - the Phantom folks came out to install. Turns out the color is almost perfect. They did a great job installing - our door was a bit bowed in the middle (thanks to our contractor). They tweaked it so the screen fits well despite the bowing. The screen also seems to work well - we've used it all the time - except when its pouring which has been often lately.

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Phantom is a good brand. I chose Clearview. Great on Marvin Doors

Here is a link that might be useful: Marvin Door Screen

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