Drywall around the fireplace?

BumpyRoadtoHomeJune 8, 2011

We have chosen a horizontal fireplace - COSMO SLR

See here: http://www.heatnglo.com/~/media/Files/Heat%20n%20Glo/Product%20Brochures/Cosmo.ashx

We wanted to just have the area drywalled to the edge of the fireplace opening and thought that the gap would be covered by the metal frame that comes with it. Kind of like this..

Our builder insists that there will still be a gap which we don't really understand?

Also, we looked at the spec sheet and it says to not cover the non-combustible cement board with any combustible materials. We assume that means drywall? We've seen it done in many homes and wonder if this is really a hazard as they say it is.

Thanks in advance.

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If you google the fireplace model number and "installation instructions" you will see that there is a 1/2" thick non-combustible surround that is shipped with the unit that is quite high on top and 1 3/4" wide at the sides and about 10" at the bottom (if the unit is not installed at the floor level with a hearth). This material cannot have drywall or another combustible material over it.

It appears that you will need to apply a non-combustible plaster material over the factory supplied non-combustible board or cover it or the entire wall with a similar con-combustible material (cement backer board, tile, granite surround?) and finish it.

It is the joint between the unit and the non-combustible materials that is covered by the trim.

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@Renovator8 - thanks for your comments.

If we painted the non-combustible plaster material that's over the non-combustible board..would it not look smooth? would there be a substantial difference in color or consistency?

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A plasterer could skim coat a veneer plaster over durock.

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We have just purchased the same fireplace. We wanted the same clean look that is in the picture above, but our installer is telling us that the access panel at the bottom of the fireplace has to be removable. It can be covered with some sort of noncombustible material that can be glued to it, but there will be seams at each end because the panel still needs to be removable. Did you cover the access panel at the bottom of the fireplace? How did you ultimately handle the installation? Did you use the cement backerboard and paint?

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