Who's Made it Home, yet?

jennifer_in_vaOctober 7, 2012

Trish & I ended up being the last to leave retreat at about 12:15. Fog had been rolling in the valley for a few hours prior to our departure, and had reached the ridge while we were packing the car... On one of the last trips to the car, I could see the dining hall, and by the time I climbed the stairs again, I couldn't! The fog had reached all the way up to the gym.

After we dropped the leftover goodies at the dining hall, we hit the road down the mountain. The fog remained at tree level, so it wasn't too bad of a trip.

We stopped in Fancy Gap at the pottery& Fabric shop and got a few goodies! Trish found some wonderful gold/gold&red braid trim for her Mrs. Claus outfits.... only $.20/ yard!!! She would have gotten more if there had been more on the roll!

After one more stop a little later for food, we cruised on home amid rain, fog, drizzle & slow cars. But as we were heading into Orange, VA (about 45 min. from home) we saw the most beautiful rainbow!! It glowed and lit up the sky like you couldn't believe. I now understand why the legend says there's a pot of gold at the end... it lit up the sky as if it were the sun! We could see 1 entire rainbow and part of a double one! [I'll try to load a picture tomorrow]

We made it into Fredericksburg to drop me off about 7:20. She then headed for home about 20 miles north from me...Santa was waiting for her arrival.

I was greeted by 4 little people that couldn't wait to tell me about their weekend! Rocked baby to sleep, and tucked the others in.

TOmorrow will be spent unpacking, starting on schoolwork, and tidying up the house. It was a good weekend!

I've heard from Jackie too... she arrived home about 3pm and promptly took a nap!! lol

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LOL!! What are the odds we would post at exactly the same minute!?? (If I hadn't been typing while watching the taping of DWTS I would have beat you!)
Glad you made it through the fog - it was a little nasty even when we left at 10. Wish we would have seen the rainbow - all we had was rain off & on ALL the way to Ohio! But at least it wasn't snow!


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I had pretty heavy fog when I set out for home about 10 a.m. but it became less as I drove down the mountain. Only one stop for gas and I was home about 12 p.m. By 1:30 p.m. I was ready to take a nap!

What a great retreat we had this year! So many new forum friends to meet and old friends to connect with again. It was very special to have Kristene from Australia with us. I think most of us were satisfied with the sewing and quilting we were able to get done. And the weather was superb - until the rain early today. Quilting, games, great food, and our friends around us.....who could ask for more?


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Glad you are all home safe and sound, hope the others have good trip as well. Going away is wonderful but nothing beat getting home.

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I had been hoping to see a beautiful display of fall leaves and as Rosa, Sharon and I made the drive down the mountain into Roaring Gap I was treated to everything I had hoped for! With the leaves wet from the rain, it was just stunning. I bet they were pretty, even through the fog you had later in the day.

We made good time, even with more traffic than we expected, and had Rosa safely delivered to Joe before 4pm. Sharon and I hit some heavier traffic around Jax and has a tire scare that turned out to be nothing, but still made it back to Orlando before 7:30! (I may have been driving over the posted speed limit a few times.)

I had a great time and am so thankful I was able to be there this year. My traveling companions were fun and helped me stay alert for the long drive. Can't imagine doing it without them. Big hugs to Sharon and Rosa!

The quilting was wonderful, but the best part of course was meeting everyone. I have a special memory about each of you and look forward to seeing you again.

A big thanks also to Jen, Beverly and all who had a hand in making the Retreat happen. Thanks to Kristene for coming so far and to Linda for being the perfect table partner! And thanks to everyone for being so nice and understanding about my sweet dog Sarah.


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I made it home about 2:30pm yesterday. The traffic was pretty heavy and it couldn't decide if it was going to rain, sprinkle or be dry. Seems like I worked my wipers at a different speed the whole way home!

As expected my house was a mess and had to spend a few hours picking up after everyone so I could feel comfortable sitting down. I did get all my laundry done for the week (major yeah!!).

My daughter loves her quilt and and can't wait for me to finish it. I tried to work on it a little last night, but I was just too tired. Karate tonight, so maybe I'll have some time tomorrow evening.

I so very much enjoyed meeting everyone. You are a lovely group of ladies!! And thank you so much, Jennifer and Beverly for organizing a great weekend. I hope to return next year!


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We made it home about 9 last night. We also had rain/fog most of the way. Nothing exciting happened along the way. We stopped for a picnic lunch, later had dinner at Cracker Barrel, then drove on home. The race at Talladega was over and those who were leaving had already done so by the time we went by the track. There were still hundreds of motor homes, trailers, and tents in the area, so there will be lots of traffic today.

We will have some lunch at a friends restaurant, then tour the local marble quarry. The rest of the day will be getting groceries and doing laundry.


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I also made it fine. We made it down the mountain before fog and rain and had a nice, sunny trip to Greensboro airport. We dropped Marsha off first and Sue and I were flying companions the first leg which was great. I hate Dulles Airport but still survived the crunch and got back to San Francisco about 8:30PM coast time. Finding the way from opposite side of airport and then the ride home on the train put me here about 10:30. What a long day.

I haven't had enough coffee yet but plan to unpack soon. My bag will be like a treasure trove. And, I didn't have to check anything. They didn't even blink at all those tools. They did swab Sue's sewing machine for drugs! She does look suspicious, doesn't she.

Wonderful meeting all our new campers. Do others recognize those names or should we post forum names alongside the pictures as well? Such lovely people on our forum!

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Have been home for about 45 minutes. DH picked me up at Kate's at 10 and we headed 100 miles northwest for home. Will most likely be unpacking and setting the machine back up for the next few days. I'm so glad I was able to attend the retreat this year and to meet so many of you face to face. Thank you all for making the retreat doable and for watching out for me.

Kate, Thank you so much for the ride and for picking up Rosa. I had the bestest companionship on this trip! @:)

Until next time.....


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I got home about 9:45 Colorado time - just in time for a soak in the hot tub before going to bed. Do you think we could talk the camp into putting in a hot tub for our weary bodies after sewing all day??

Linda is an excellent driver and we had dry weather to the airport - at least I think it was because I was napping in the backseat most of the way!! The flights home were uneventful - although I had to wait an hour for my checked bag to come out before I could catch a shuttle back to Fort Collins.

I, also, enjoyed meeting all of the new campers - such fun ideas and beautiful work!!! It was so fun to meet Kristene from Australia. Thank you again, Jen and Beverly, for all of your work in organizing the retreat.

It's cold in Colorado this morning - I had to take a car to our son early this a.m. so he could drop his at the repair shop - it was 30ðF!!! The sun is shining and will warm into the 60s so life is good.

I had fun showing all of my goodies I received from the other forum members and projects I worked on to my husband. He was impressed.

I hope to see you next year!

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WOW!!! and it stands for more than 'white on white' lol!!!!! I had a wonderful time starting with the moment Kate and Sharon picked me up hitching on exit 58 on I95!!!

It was my first retreat and I enjoyed everything so much - but meeting our members was so exciting! I was so spoiled by having 3 delicious meals waiting for me each day - I get home Sunday night and there is nothing cooked lol!

Our members are so talented, the show and tell was my fav, I wish everyone could have brought in everything they have at home to show us. The little girls and dads enjoying our hobby was fun, and hopefully the talented employee will feel comfortable enough to join us next year.

Thank you Kate for driving - the traffic was so light coming and was a surprise going home. Glad everyone made it safely home.

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I made it to my friends place in VA and just talked the whole time about my retreat experience...although she may have been tired of hearing me, (she's a non quilter), she was impressed with the pictures I shared and very complimentary on everyone's quilts. I finally talked myself out and slept like a rock!

This was my first retreat, and I'm looking forward to many more in the future. It was just wonderful to meet everyone, see their fabulous quilts, learn new methods experienced quilters shared with me and just spend time with fellow quilters and appliquers!

Robbi was a wonderful table partner and her applique work is inspiring...can't wait to someday see the finished quilt.

Jenn and Trish...thanks for sharing the music!

Jenn and Beverly...Thank You, Thank You for all you do to make this possible!!!

Now to go on a diet...the food was way too yummy for tummy :-)

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We are still on the road! Spent the first night in the campground that the motorhome had been stored in, then left at 9am and spent the day turning the windshield wipers on and off. Really not pleasant weather!
We just had dinner at a CRACKER BARREL where we will stay overnight (free) and get home tomorrow after a short (250 mile) drive.
Thank you all for a great retreat! Just wish I had started quilting sooner!

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I am so glad everyone had a good time. You can't beat what you get for your money at Cheerio. Has anyone seen the pics of the Seniors Camp that is there now? Maybe we should extend our weekend and join them.


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If we attend the Seniors Camp will we have to try the climbing wall and say How How before every meeting!?!?!

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I don't think so, but they did go mountain hiking and fishing. Looked like a big table of food and some line dancing.


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Where are the pictures for the Senior Camp?

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We are finally here in sunny and warm Florida! Love traveling, love getting back home too! Familiar=comfort!

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I don't think I qualify for 'senior camp' quite yet!! lol

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Marge, Glad to hear you and Rip made it home. Was so nice to meet you both and to learn you aren't that far away when you're in Florida. I sure appreciated the rides to the dining hall he gave me, so give him an extra hug from me.


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Sharon, I am glad to oblige with the hug I already did! Were happy to have a passenger! And yes, I was glad when I realized you are pretty close.
Must say that I was so impressed that you have been a member since the beginning! I'd love to hear more about it sometime!

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I got home around 3 p.m. this afternoon after spending 2 nights with my younger daughter in NC.
I had some "adventures" with a tire pressure warning on my car and didn't enjoy the fog that rolled in as we left from camp. For some reason my eyes really bothered me on the drive to my daughter's and to home, so I am just glad to be here. Any little problem though is worth it for a wonderful weekend at Camp - fanatastic food and fantastic friends! It was great to see so many of you again and to add all the "new campers" to my list of best friends!
Thanks to Jennifer, Teresa, and Beverly and anyone else who helped to line up the camp for all of us.
Have a good rest of the week.

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Glad to hear everyone's making it home safely!! [Sorry to hear of some 'minor' issues...sure glad they weren't major!]

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I think Kristene will be the last to make it home, but we have had fun around my neck of the woods.

Here is the link to the pics of Cheerio's Senior Adult camp from last year.

There are some from this year on Facebook.


Here is a link that might be useful: Camp Cheerio Senior Adult Camp

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I haven't made it "home" yet, but am on course to my next place of call! tomorrow, thur 11th, I fly to Arkansas for 3 days of fun meeting some more on-line friends and seeing some football. the weather forecast for Fayetteville Arkansas is for rain, so don't know how the football will go in the rain. Guess I'll get to see! Have been having fun recording more Southern accents.
Thanks everyone for such a great weekend - would really love to return.


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