Distance from Island to counter

etcncrApril 18, 2014

What do you think is the optimal distance between the kitchen island and counter with the stove? Right now ours measures on the larger end at 4'9", but I'm considering making it an even 5'. I want there to be enough room where 2 of us can pass each other comfortably and not feel crowded. On the flip side, I do not want it to feel cold and too big.

Does anyone have a larger gap and love it or hate it?

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I have 48" and think it's perfect. I had 42" before and thought that was good too. 60" seems a little too wide to me.

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You already have 4'9" - so don't you already know whether you like that space?

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I had sixty inches, and hated it. I have 42 inches now and love it! It is slightly squeezy when it comes time to move past each other, but that seldom happens. DH can access the fridge and most of the rest of the cabinets without having to pass by me if I am at the stove.

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I guess it depends on how you use the space? I'll be using my island as a major prep surface so being close to the sink/fridge/range is perfect - 42" in our sitch and it is cozy in a good way.

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I have about 38" from counter to counter in my main work zone and I worried quite a bit that it would feel cramped because of everyone saying that you should have 42-48". Turns out that in most cases, that distance is quite comfortable for me. We have a bit more clearance from counter to fridge and the wall oven opening only overlaps the island countertop by a few inches, so that area is mostly unobstructed...if I had a narrow aisle and needed to stand in the aisle with the island to my back to pull things out, I think that I would find the 38" aisle a bit more tight and would probably appreciate having 42".

But, I can tell with certainty that I would not want a 60" aisle in my kitchen...it would be too far away, IMO. You may use your kitchen differently than what I do though.

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Generally 4' aisles are recommended, IIRC. But sometimes you can cheat a bit depending on your layout. Can you post it here?

I had an aisle about 5.5' in my old kitchen with fire and water sources across from each other. It was one of the things I hated most about the space. It was much too wide to work effeciently. I was going for 4' in the new kitchen, but had to shrink down somewhat. My three aisles vary a little, but the aisle between prep sink on island and rangetop is 42". It's close enough for me when I'm working alone that I can easily and quickly maneuver back and forth without too much traveling. DH can pass behind me ok if he dares try, but he has to be a bit careful not to bump me. Still, a huge majority of the time 42" is perfect. I wouldn't go larger. Or smaller.

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Our counter to counter distance is 48" so the cabinet to cabinet distance is something like 51". It is plenty of space for two people to work comfortably and very easy to move about. I think the distance is perfect but wouldn't want it to be any larger.

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