Bedroom Size Issues

econjonJune 23, 2012

Hi Folks,

This is my first post so please forgive if this is in the wrong forum. I recently tore down two interior walls of a large room in order to make two bedrooms. I am debating the merits of stealing additional space from the living room. Would you please take a look at the attached pdf. Please let me know if you have any comments/suggestions.

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Are you sure the walls you pulled down are not structural and be certain none of the one you want to tear down are structural either (unless you have an engineer approval)

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I think it looks fine. Is this what you are proposing or what you started with?

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This is the proposal. The walls I tore down are all parallel to the rafters. Not a complicated house in the sense that there is only the single peak roof line. I'll add support when I break into the structural wall to make frame out door jams. The original space is attached. Thanks!

My biggest concerns are:
1) Is the entry into the second bedroom on left to close to entry to master (just a couple inches to spare)?
2) Is there enough room to the left as you enter the house? It used to be 3' and now it will be 1'

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Wow. I usually have no problem interpreting floorplans, but I have no idea what you are trying to accomplish here.

Is the first picture you posted on this post (the top, original post) what you started with, or what you are going to end up with? If it is what you started with, I am not seeing a problem. If it is what you are remodeling to, then the door positions are fine.

Is your entry that you are concerned about from the exterior of the house to the room labeled: 16'7 x 17'8? That room is labeled the same on both diagrams. Are you moving the exterior door without changing the walls? (and, if so, any particular reason?) 1', btw, is fine if the door will be swinging to rest in that space, and not opening into it (ie, you want the door to open and rest against a wall, not out in space and you want to see your living space, not a wall, as you walk in.)

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Hi Kirkhall,

Thank you for the reply. I will start framing out the first picture tomorrow. Sorry, I forgot to change the dimensions on the second picture (what the house was before demo). The entry door will not change position, and it will open to rest against the wall.

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In that case, I think your plan will work just fine; and is a good modification.

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Make sure on the 2nd bedroom door that you have enough wall space before the corner to allow for door casings on both doorways. Usually 3" or so, but measure your casings to make sure. The same would apply on the inside of the rooms: make sure there's enough wall coming out to allow for a casing on the inside.

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Thanks weedyacres, I am planning on leaving 2" on inside jam of second bedroom. I'll rip 3" casing down to accommodate. But for sure I'll leave 3.5" inside of bedroom 1.

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