Help quickly--backsplash question!

kelleg69April 21, 2009

I have another question on my backsplash. I will be doing the accent tile below on behind the range. The rest of the backsplash will be Meredith Tile's Irongate line in white--4x4 on the diagonal. I am trying to decide if my tiles should be shiny or matte. Right now, matte is what I have planned (ordering tomorrow, I hope), but it kind of goes against my normal preferences. I decided on matte b/c the accent tiles (Jeffrey Court) are on a terra cotta (clay) type of tile and are definitely matte. So, the matte field tile seems like a good idea. What do you think? I also think that matte might them feel less "builder grade." The tile is definitely not builder grade, but because it is just white, it may look a bit plain. Shiny white tile seems very basic, but as I said, I normally like shiny. Any thoughts before I order? Cabinets are white inset. Granite is Costa Esmerelda.

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Bright glaze IS basic, but then again, so is matte white. Personally I don't see a problem with either one. If you like the matte, go with it!

(quick enough?) :-)

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Yes, nice and quick. Thanks, Bill! Problem is, bright is probably what I like better, but I think matte is probably the better choice.

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Too much to alternate and do tone-on-tone texture?

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It's pretty much up to your taste, and how you picture the end product. Especially with the decos you've picked, either one would work well, far as I'm concerned.

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Did you talk yourself into the matte or do you TRULY believe it will be better? If you talked yourself into something that isn't you, I'd go with the glossy. It is basic, but it's also classic and timeless. I don't think anyone will walk into your kitchen and think, "Gee, nice kitchen if only the tile was matte." (Nor will they think the opposite if you choose matte)

We can get all crazy when we see choices next to each other, but when the options are gone, it'll look wonderful whichever you choose.

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Matte to me seems a little more "earthy" while shiny more manufactured. This is based on absolutely NOTHING... just my initial opinion. I vote matte.

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I went with matte subways tiles because I have shiny granite and didn't want two high gloss surfaces together. No regrets whatsoever. I guess it depends on what look you're going for. Both will work for you.

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I get the feeling you're talking yourself into the matte because you think you should like it more because it's more high end or trendy or something...but follow your heart, you'll have to live with this for quite a while. The glossy is a classic look, so I wouldn't worry about it being out of style.

I think either will be fine.

Not much help, am I?

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Thanks for the thoughts. I do think the matte goes better with the accents. I also think the matte might be better b/c of the shiny granite--good point, debi--do you have pics?

I may have to go look at these in person again tomorrow--another trip to the tile place!

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Gosh, I love those colours Kelleg! Seeing them again makes me smile. What did you decide on the knobs or did I miss the conclusion?

Okay, back to the tiles. I would probably prefer matte but that would be me. To be redundant, both are classic, so you can' go wrong. If you are going to the tile place, would they let you take home enough of each to lay out a square foot with your samples so that you can see it side by side?

Either way, it's going to be great!

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I love the tiles and colors too! It is going to be beautiful and so different. I think I would do the matte, but either would work fine.

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Today I am thinking matte for sure. Eliz, I haven't totally decided on knobs--had to make other decisions. In the end, I think I will end up using mainly knobs and use the pulls I like in the mudroom. I kind of drew out the whole thing and like the consistency. We'll see though--I am one who continues to go back and revisit my decisions unfortunately!

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Meredith tile is definately not builder's grade, they are "ooh and aah" grade. I think I'd prefer the matte if the accent tiles are matte. However, the glossy will give you a very classic look too. I'd be more worried about making sure that background of your accent tiles and the color of the field tile look good together.
Good luck with your decision.

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My matte subways and glass liner are neutral in color, quite different then the style you're looking to accomplish. I was going for a classic, simple look that would work well into the future as I have no intention of remodeling for many, many years.

Here's a pic of the porcelain, matte subway against the granite.

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Thanks everyone for chiming in. I ordered the matte tiles again today. I drove the 12+ miles again to see them to just confirm one more time. I think this is the right decision. Now I will go back to agonizing over cabinet hardware :)

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I read in a trade magazine that Meredith Collection is closing their Iron Gate Tile and Meredith Art Tile effective April 29th. The tile will be going on clearance soon. If it went on clearance between the time you ordered it and pick it up, possibly the tile store will credit you the difference? Just a thought. It's always good to save some money!

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Hi kelleg, I realized that four years later you might not be active on this cite anymore but I stumbled across your photo. I was looking at this same Jeffrey Court tile to go with a Costa Esmerelda granite. I was wondering if you had any photos of your finished backsplash?


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