Yippppeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! It is finished!

lindaoh_gwOctober 1, 2011

I just finished pressing the Double Wedding Ring quilt that I have had in the works all this year! My appointment with the long arm quilter is November 28 and I am so happy to say I am done!!! I have never had to rip out as much as I have for this quilt. The problem started with using two different machines. I started it in a class in 2008 with my Janome Jem. The quarter inch foot is a full 1/4". I really needed the scant

1/4" to make the arc the right size.

I will take pictures and blog about it later. I am SO HAPPY to have finished it!!Now on to some new projects!

Linda Oh

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Congratulations. Isn't it a wonderful feeling.

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Hurray for you!

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Good for you!!What a great feeling to finish something that has been a real challenge. Congratulations. Looking forward too seeing the results.

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It does feel so good, doesn't it. Congratulations, I can't wait to see the finished quilt.


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Can't wait to see it!

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Congratulations! I am impressed with your stick-to-it mindset~probably the LA appt helped. Can't wait to see the picture.
Interesting about the foot. I switch the ankle from my Pfaff
to the FW and use the same Pfaff scant 1/4" foot to hopefully be consistent in the seam allowance, because I am concerned with that very issue in general. It would really be a difference sewing in an arc.

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Congratulations!!! Soooo nice to finish a long term project!

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Looking forward to the pics. I love DWRs and it is on my to do list.

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Yeaaaaaaa for you, Linda!!! What a weight off your shoulders!


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