Where to order Silgranit and other buying questions

pseudochefApril 10, 2013

I'm getting ready to order my Silgranit sink. Some of you have mentioned ordering your sinks from Amazon but I see that they aren't an authorized dealer. Does that make a difference for the warranty? I figured that would be the easiest since I'm a prime member. I do see that Home Depot is an authorized retailer, maybe they would match the price.

Also, what else do I need to order along with the sink? I'm getting the Diamond Super Single bowl in biscuit I think. A drain? If so what kind? What are the undermount sink clips? Necessary? I don't want to be without any necessary parts come installation time.


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I can only add one small thought: If you KNOW what you want, I'd order NOW. I say this because I've read -- more than once, I believe -- that these sinks can take a while to arrive. Perhaps they're so popular that they fall behind in manufacturing? Anyway, I know I read about someone whose build was held up because the sink didn't arrive, and the person was facing the choice of waiting or going with a second-choice sink.

I've also heard that they are easy to damage in shipping ( but apparently tough as nails once installed). IF yours arrived damaged, you'd want time to send it back.

I personally would go ahead and order it, even if it just sat in a corner for a long time.

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No one has any suggestions on what else I need to order along with the sink? I guess I'll call Blanco to make sure I get everything I need and understand the warranty.

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modern life interiors


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The smartest thing you can do is order if from your local plumb supply store. They'll cover warranty issues, and ensure you get the proper items for the installation. And yes, you need the mounting clips. The biggest mistake people make is ordering sinks online....they can come in broke, damage, not have the proper items and installation clips. I order sinks all the time through my plumb supply store, and never had a Sigranit sink backordered. I received them in 2-3 days. Actually, I was just talking to my supplier the other day, and she informed me of a customer who ordered the sink online....came in broke twice, had to ship it back...twice...had to pay for shipping it back, and then it didn't come with the proper hook up....and had to pay more for that....and pay more for rush shipment too because now the project got delayed. All of this could of been avoided if purchased through the plumbing supply store. Plumbing supply store offer a service and helpfulness that no online store can complete with.

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If you have a Ferguson's or even online Ferguson's Plumbing supply they will be able to tell you everything you need for your new sink. : ) I hope you have access to one near you. Maybe if you contact Blanco they can tell you your nearest rep? Good luck!

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I am the one who had to change to my second place sink due to backorder issues. If you know what you want order it now! My Blanco sink came with clips but the installers didn't use them. You do need a strainer. I chose stainless steel 3 in 1 basket strainer which I love. I remember reading that some were unhappy with the color matching ones. Perhaps chipping issues? I did not order from an authorized dealer but I don't recommend them due to my backorder problems (Homeperfect.com).

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SmartDesignerGirl, I definitely think it's smarter to go through a local plumbing store. I visited a Ferguson's showroom but they said I would need to go through my kitchen contractor to buy the sink and they showed me the retail price of $610 for the sink which is $390 on Amazon. They said I would need to contact my kitchen contractor since he had an account there. So then I would need to negotiate through my contractor on the pricing. What would be an appropriate amount to pay extra over the $390

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I was going to order through appliancesconnection.com because they are an authorized online dealer according to their site. I figured if ANYTHING at all went wrong, the extra money spent at an authorized dealer would pay back in spades!

I just completely freaked out this week about hypothetical broken sinks, issues with the granite place if they break it (I could have ordered through them, but at full retail, so I'm supplying the sink), what I would do if I had to replace it after install since I'm putting a 33 inch sink in a 33 inch frameless cabinet, and many other reasons. I can't take that ball of worry on top if everything else as I need to order everything this week. And I would completely lose it if things went completely wrong, I planned for a whole year to make this happen in 3 weeks (minus granite). I'm getting a Franke Orca now from my local plumbing supply. What a sense of peace!

I'm not trying to discourage you, just sharing my neurotic experience. I am sourcing almost everything myself for my GC. And I'm trying to avoid a complete meltdown on DH's part from having construction go too long. And I tend to be that person that has the worst possible thing go wrong at just the wrong time!

I'd suggest purchasing with at least enough time to reorder if needed, with a week or two to spare. My silgranite quote from the local place was a little above authorized online dealers, but way below retail. I didn't pursue it further as I decided in the meantime to switch to the Orca, which they priced the same as online authorized dealers, and when I asked about it, they said they will let me purchase through my contractor at contractor pricing (not a whole lot less, but still...)

I'll shut up now. I really shouldn't be allowed online unsupervised after a relaxing cocktail!

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Molly Phillips

I *think* I read on here that Ferguson's will price match if you find something from an authorized dealer. I know this because I read it after I already purchased mine - I had also gotten a few quotes from Ferguson that were hundreds more than what I found online, but I never bothered to call them again because I didn't think they'd go that low.

That being said, I ordered one of my silgranit's through Amazon and one through homeperfect dot com. Home perfect has the best price but DO NOT order from them if the sink is backordered - I think that's a way for them to say it will never arrive and you'll go crazy waiting (plus they charge your CC immediately, even if it's 6 weeks backordered). Still, when the one I purchased was in stock, it arrived quickly and well packaged. I didn't have any trouble with that sink or the one I ordered through Amazon and I looked them over carefully.

I didn't buy anything else - my fabricator did not need the undermount clips and I've never used a grid before so I thought I'd try it out first and order later if I thought I'd want it (I don't). We have garbage disposals in both sinks so I didn't need a strainer either.

BTW, those sinks are 2 of my favorite elements of my kitchen. I LOOOOVE them!

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