Building chases around waste stacks

dave11June 7, 2010

I'm getting ready to insulate the part of my basement where all 5 waste stacks run. Unfortunately, all five are on the perimeter wall, each approx 3-4 inches from the block wall. The stacks are all copper, installed in 1951. Some have clean-out plugs at the bottom, some do not.

My plan for the walls there is to place 1 inch foam panels against the block walls, then stud walls with fiberglass, then sheetrock. But the five waste stacks will either need to be skipped, or chased, correct? I'm not aware of any other way to deal with them.

Does anyone have advice on how much clearance to give each stack? Or whether to leave an opening in the chase for the clean-outs? I'm assuming if any work ever needed to be done on a stack, its chase would have to be demo'd anyway.

Any advice appreciated.

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I'd probably look at using plywood instead of drywall over the pipes. Installed with screws, which could be covered with lattice strips (or fancier moldings). At the ceiling line you could caulk the seam, but if the panel was taken off, they'd need to cut the caulk or the drywall surface would be torn.
At the very least, set access panels in the drywall for the cleanouts.

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Sombreuil--that's a really good idea. Less work to start with, and easier to remove/replace if ever needed. I guess I was trying to "hide" the pipes by making them blend with the drywall, but maybe it's best to just make them "different."


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Do all five stacks run up one wall?

If so I'd think about moving the entire finished, inside wall inside them, leave the entire thing for them to run in. And hold insulation.

If they are clustered, then the plywood method above makes a lot of sense.

(We just had a home surveyed for energy use...the guys prediction was insulating the basement would be a $700 per year savings. 3/4 basement or maybe you'd call it a daylight basement. No window wells, they are above ground but everything else is basement)

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Depending on the arrangement, I agree with two people on here.

Bump out if they are clustered, move the whole wall if they are spaced out.

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