can this tub be converted to shower?

WendyBJune 24, 2011

I am contemplating a condo purchase and this is the master bath. I want a shower not a bath. What are the issues in converting?

Anyone care to ballpark a very rough dollar value for renovating?

I am assuming because of the angled ceiling that it would have to be a tile shower, not a fiberglass unit. Is that correct assumption?

The condo is on a concrete slab, no basement (which is another negative on my list, but that's another story....)

[apologies for cross-posting in bath forum. I didn't know remodeling forum existed]

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I would think so as long as you tile the walls and ceiling to prevent water damage to the sheet rock. However, it will be one heck of a step into and out of it which can be hazardous for children and older people.

I would suggest putting in a hand spray on the tub if it doesn't have one already, I can't tell from the photo, but then you could easily sit in the tub and wash your hair without having to go under water to get the job done.

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Oh, I meant removing the tub and replacing it with a shower. I guess convert was the wrong word.

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In that case, absolutely. Bring in a tile installer who knows what they're doing and get the job done right...the first time. I would run the plumbing up the wall on the right side of photo, you'll have more head room for taller bather's and can get your shower head up high. I'd suggest a small seat on the opposite side or in the corner. Comes in handy for shaving your legs. Build in shelves to hold your hair products and other misc. bathing items. Looks so much more professional then the wire racks that hang from the shower head.

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The guestimate I gave on the bathroom forum was 10 - 15k for starters (assuming no DIY). I still think the price is in the correct range.

Removing the tub is not too big a deal. There will be damage to the existing sheetrock though.

There are a number of things that have a potentially large impact on the price
1. The presence / absence of water damage.
2. The type and extent of water proofing. Tile on cement backer board is not enough. Water will seep past the cement board into the studs.
3. Electrical changes.
4. Piping changes - DWV, supply lines.
5. Design features such as a linear drain, niches, bench, curbless entry, multiple shower outlets, ...

You'd probably get better advice on the bathroom forum when you have a definite plan in mind.

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would the wall on the right need to be an inside wall for plumbing access?

so far I have moved on from this particular condo in favor of a new-build. But I can envision the new-build move not working out (too expensive, too hard to negotiate with builder), so I could end up back at this condo still. It is 2nd choice.

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No, it does not. However, the wall would need insulation if it isn't already insulated.

Typically condo and town house units have a Home Owners Association with a battery of established rules and regulations governing remodels, etc.

For instance, at a previous residence, hacking the concrete slab was prohibited by the HOA.

You may want to look into that first before making any plans on the condo.

A new build would be more extensive, but you get the chance to specify everything down to the minutest detail.

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