How much space do you have behind your sink?

youngdebApril 17, 2012

I'm trying to figure out my sink situation for a fabricator coming to template tomorrow...can you tell me how much space you have between the edge of your sink and your backsplash?

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2"! My sink is huge and barely fit in my standard depth cabinets. Be careful and allow room for your faucet.

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About 5". This left enough room for the handle, as discussed in the thread below.

Here is a link that might be useful: faucet placement

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Youngdeb (from not so young A2)
Mock up your sink and see how much room is available. We moved our sink forward a bit to assure we have room
We are also having the control at the front which gives a bit more space.

After they templated for the countertop - I had a panic attack when I looked at the cabinet hole for the sink. The KD and I talked and moved the sink forward which did not leave enough room for the front to pop open - but we didn't discuss when template guy was at the house.
Template guy came at the wrong time cause he had a cancel which frazzled me, since I was in class and had scheduled the template over lunch.
So called the KD in a panic on Sat and she assured me that we were OK and she remembered sink location.
So, if wrong.... but I am sure it will be right! T-12 to counter, sink, and faucet install.

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By the way, the distance from front of sink to edge of counter should, perhaps, be the determining factor here. You want it to be fairly small. LWO has said it should be 3", but I couldn't get it that small. (The sink was as far forward in the cabinet as it could go. The amount of overhang you choose also influences this number.) I measured a whole bunch of installed sinks, and 3.5-4" was typical. My overhang is 1.5", and I made the distance to my sink hole to be 3.5".

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Well this is the thing...we're doing a stainless counter with an integrated sink, so I can get the sink in any dimension I want, but I have to specify it. So Ineed to come up with a good number to get the back out far enough so that the faucet will fit. 5", sounds like? That's a lot on a 25" counter!!

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Do you know what faucet you want to use? You may be able to get it closer, depending on the faucet specs.

25.5-5-3.5=17" How big do you want your sink to be?

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I was thinking I wanted the Grohe Concetto...which leaves a lot of room. What is the skinniest I can go in back? I'd like to make it as wide as possible.

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Hi, youngdeb!

We are thinking of Grohe concetto as well (besides Hansgrohe Talis S,) so we are working out the sink math now before the fabricator comes this Friday.

What did you finally work out (distance-wise) for the area between your sink and backsplash so you can fit your faucet?

Did you end up choosing Grohe Concetto? If yes, could you share how it is working out for you?


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I have the Grohe Concetto faucet and LOVE it! I love the sleek design and ease of use. My measurements are:

5.5 inches - backsplash to sink - faucet in the center
16 inches - sink (my sink is 21 inches wide for bowl, 9.5 inches deep including counter)
4 inches - countertop in front of sink
25.5 inches - total countertop

Aside from the occasional splash onto the backsplash when I am not paying attention, I have found these measurements to work out great. I cook from scratch daily and as a vegan, use the sink for rinsing a ton.

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We wound up using the concetto (tried the Talis first and hated the fact that the spray didn't turn off unless you turned the faucet off) and turned it frontways based on several posts here. LOVE THAT!!

Here's a picture...excuse the breakfast detritus. We have 4" from backsplash to the sink, the faucet is about an inch and a half back from the sink. This whole setup is about the easiest thing to clean ever, and allowed me to have a huge sink.

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ooh, brooklyngalley, your kitchen is such a beauty! youngdebm, I am not sure why, but the photo you included didn't show on my browser. Bummer.

And, thank you, both of you! This is super helpful information! Glad to hear that Concetto is working out great for you both! I am partial to it as well, but DH is liking the Hansgrohe Talis S because of its magnet lock for the sprayer.

I am thinking, as we will have 1.5" overhang thus making the countertop 25.5" deep, we will inform the fabricator:

4" in front of sink countertop
5.5" behind sink countertop (as our sink is 16" front to back, like brooklyngalley's)

Sounds like that measurement will work out for both concetto and for talis s, and also easy to clean behind the sink.

Thanks so much again for your help!

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I am at the same point but we only want about a 1/2" overhang (more contemporary style with frameless cabinets). So I have:

counter depth: 24.5"
behind sink to backsplash: 5.5"
sink: The one I want is 18"
sink to edge: 1"

I'm guessing 1" is not possible in front. Somewhere I recall seeing/reading that 3" is the minimum req for cutting stone. Anyone know? Or could I go:

behind sink to backsplash: 3.5" (is that even possible?)
sink: 18"
sink to edge: 3"

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Laurat88 - We just did countertops. Our sink measurements are: 5" behind sink to backsplash, 17" for sink cutout, 4" from sink to edge. I think the 4" from sink to edge feels generous, and 3" would feel okay, but anything less would feel skimpy to me. In terms of cutting stone, we have quartz, and the strip for my cooktop was cut to 2.25". It scared me during installation - so narrow - but is fine now that it is properly secured.

When you say your sink is 18" could that mean when measured from the back outer rim to the front outer rim? Mine is 18" measured that way, but the countertop cutout for it (zero reveal) is just a hair over 17". So maybe you have an inch you don't think you have? I think that 3.5" behind sink to backsplash would be too tight. I have the Hansgrohe Talis S faucet and feel like 4.5" would be the minimum.....

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Thanks MarinaGal. This is the sink I was contemplating:
Julien UrbanEdge:

But I can't seem to figure out how I could have enough space to fit a faucet unless I have at least a 27-28" counter depth (5.5" faucet to backsplash + 18" sink + 4" to edge = 27.5"). Honestly, I'm not sure how anyone could unless you have extra deep cabinets.

I was looking at this as an alternative which would let me but the faucet further in as it would sit at the upper left corner of the smaller sink. Thoughts?

We will have quartz counters.

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I just measured again - my cabinets including doors are just over 25" plus I have a 3/4" countertop overhang. So close to 26". My Kraus sink measured 18" inches the way yours is shown, but that was rim to rim, and the cut out in the countertop is only 17". My exact measurement behind the sink to the wall is 4 7/8". I have not installed backsplash yet (but comfirmed the spacing with the installers - and can see that I have enough room for my backsplash behind my faucet). The distance from the front of my sink to the edge of the counter is 3 7/8". Hope that helps!

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I can't wait to see final pictures! Good luck.

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Laurat88 - what faucet will you choose to go with that julien sink (the one with basins in the same size)? And how do you avoid getting wet when running water b/w the 2 basins (the divider seems the same height as the edges)?

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Young deb who makes the stainless countertops with integrated sink?

Brooklyn what a great shot with all the produce. Makes me crave a healthy snack! What are your countertops?

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paolab - I just purchased the KWC Luna faucet. It has a handle on top rather than the side because I want to be sure the handle does not interfere with the backspalsh. My GC assures me that the Julien sink will work, but to be sure, I think I may go with one of the newer Blanco sinks that are not quite as long front to back. I did notice on their spec sheets that they say "new to allow for easier fit in standard cabinets" so I'm guessing the larger ones (18" interior, 20" rim dim) were tight.

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Hello, I realize this is an other thread but curious as if there is a standard for any of the placements of the faucet and sink. The fabricator told me already 4" in front of the sink as others have mentioned on here. My exterior dimensions of the undermount sink is 17.75" wide by 23.5 long and a typical faucet hole is 1 3/8" then add on 1 1/2" for the backsplash, it seems pretty tight with little to spare behind the faucet and between the faucet and sink. Am I cutting it close and need a smaller sink?? Thanks so much.

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The more material you have in front and behind, the more likely you can avoid having a seam at the sink.

My cabinets on my sink wall sit 4" forward, so the counter is 29.5" deep: 3.5" in the front, 16" cutout, 1.5" between the faucet and back sink edge, faucet (Blanco Culina) is 2" diameter, and 6.5" behind the faucet. No seams in the granite.

I think that many people have discovered the advantage of turning the faucet handle to the front instead of the side by accident, when there wasn't room for the handle to turn to hot on a regular depth counter.

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Kiki2013 -- it depends on the faucet you pick. You are cutting it close but you should make it. You need to measure it yourself to make sure.

We did 3.25" from countertop front edge to front of sink, which was what the fabricator said was minimum. Our sink is slightly curved, so 3.25" was only at center -- slightly more as you move out to each side.

If you use 3.5", assuming zero reveal and if you have standard counter depth with 1.5" overhang, that would leave you with 4.25" (25.5" - (17.75" + 3.5")) left to the back wall, minus the width of your backsplash.

Make sure you are using the right sink measurements. You want the sink inside width, not the exterior measurement (e.g. measure what is visible when you go from front to bank). If you have a positive reveal, add the reveal amount twice (once for front and once for back) to the measurement.

I have the Blanco Culina -- I have 1.5" from back of sink to the front of the faucet, the faucet is 1.75" width, and the width of my backsplash is 0.5". That is 3.75". You would want more than 0.5" from the back of the faucet to your backsplash.

In our case, we have a window sill behind the sink with a 0.75" overhang beyond the backsplash, so we extended our countertops by 0.75" (to 26.25"). Everything fit in our case but with very little room to spare.

You should pick a faucet where the handle doesn't pull back behind the faucet, which could cause your hand to hit the back wall.

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