shiloh cabinet dealer for NYC?

KayNYApril 28, 2014

Hi All:
I am a newish and very appreciative member. Here is the situation: we would like Shiloh cabinets (because we want inset and they seem to be the cheapest). However they emailed us with the name of a westchester dealer. We have an NYC kitchen and really only need a minimal amount of cabinetry. Anyone dealt with a good dealer near here? We also don't mind doing it with someone online if they are nice and don't charge a tremendous markup. Thank you very much!

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We are in Dutchess County, so I don't think that helps. (we just had the beaded inset polar white cabinets installed from Shiloh).

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Also tried getting dealers via Shiloh website. The names they sent me were not the nearest, or best (I visited all 3 places they sent me).

What worked for me is - I googled "shiloh cabinets" and then the names of large cities & suburbs around me.

Am waiting for delivery of my Aspen, beaded inset, polar whites.

Good luck.

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i had the same issue. donna from westchester kitchens was actually very nice to deal with though we didn't go with them. Also, AJ at selective kitchens in NJ was great. but we ended up not going with shiloh.

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