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littlehelen_gwOctober 6, 2013

Lotto Participants....
I realize we still have months remaining in 2013 and all is well; however, my lotto partner, ToolGranny, will not be assisting in 2014.

A SINCERE and BIG Thank You to Toolgranny for her 2013 lotto creations past and yet to come! Great blocks, great colors during 2013...and we still have Nov and Dec...

As for 2014, I was going to ask for another partner, but I had an experienced volunteer step to the plate...none other than Kate!

So for 2014 Kate will take Toolgranny's role and I'll continue with the block collecting/ winner generation and mailing.

Keep those blocks coming and you could be a winner!!! (ok it sounds like a commercial, but at least I didn't say, but wait there's more ... :-)

Thanks again Linda for being my first year lotto partner!

Happy sewing!

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A big thank you, Kate, for filling in here. I'm leaving it in very capable hands.

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You two did a great job and I know how much work it is! Now that I have weathered some changes at my workplace, I feel ready to get more involved with the forum again. Looking forward to doing the Lotto with littlehelen!


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Thank you, TG/Linda and Valarie for keeping the 2013 Lotto going. You did a great job! Thank you to Kate for stepping in and teaming with Valarie for 2014.

Glad your workplace is allowing you more time for the forum and quilting, Kate.


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Appreciated Kate's involvement last year, and Linda's this year. Looking forward to more fun next year. My experience over the past two years has been very enjoyable (especially when I win). Good selection of blocks and colours, some quite challenging like paper piecing.
And away we go!

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As we get ready for 2014, please let us know if you have any requests or suggestions. Colors, blocks, themes, whatever. We would love to hear from those who have participated in the past (what did you like? what didn't you like?) and from those who have not (why not? what would get you interested?).

Put on your thinking caps and let us know! You can either reply here or send emails.

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Linda, Valarie, and Kate,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have done a wonderful job with the Lotto and I really appreciate all of the work you have put into it. I enjoy participating when I can and appreciate that it can be a month-to-month decision whether we participate or not. (Sometimes life just gets in the way!)

I personally like 12" blocks rather than 9". No real preference on patterns or colors. It's always fun (well, almost always ... :-)


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Is there any interest in a theme for the year? Flowers? Baskets? Animals? Holidays? Too boring? lol


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I was wondering about a color theme so participants could make one extra block each month and have their own quilt at the end of the year, even if the didn't win any lottos. Our guild does that. Just a thought.

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Chuckling here because I had thought Last Jan. that I would do that, make an extra block each month. And just yesterday I realized I hadn't done that. Maybe next year. The idea of a colour theme is good but it might be a colour that everyone isn't comfortable with.

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Thank you Linda and Val for all of your work on the lotto this year.

I like the variety in blocks, so my vote is to keep each month different colors and different styles.

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The Lotto is glue for this forum - a way for us to connect.
Linda's color expertise and block choices were beautiful and appealing and never boring. I think keeping the variety will generate the most participation.
I think it should be encouraged to actually make something with the Lotto blocks won - Show & Tell - perhaps a Bonus entry into the Lotto in the month the winner posts a picture of the finished top along with a block for the new month -- submit a block --post picture - 2 chances=Block submitted and Bonus.
We've seen some awesome quilts made with the Lotto blocks. I love how we encourage each other & share ideas and techniques. I know I need help when I win. :~)
Postage continues to increase - shipping is an issue for all business and it sounds like it is time for a hard look / analysis of what it costs to send the winnings and evaluate how we participants contribute. The Coordinator --Valarie shouldn't use her own money to fund the Lotto. She already donates her time and energy.
The Lotto is great fun. We are fortunate to have great people coordinating the Lotto - Thank you Valarie, Linda and Kate!

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First of all, my first thanks go to Kate!! She was my mentor and held my hand to even TRY making a single block!! She's put up with all my kicking and screaming for the last year and a half (or more!!??) in my efforts to learn to try piecing. So..THANK YOU, Kate! -my Inspiration Station!

and many thanks to Linda and Valarie for all their work this year, too....I've learned something new almost every time!

The 12" blocks are great...I, too, am making 4 every month that I can...mailing 3 and keeping 1. SOMEday I'll have enough for a sampler! Pretty cool, huh??? That being said, I love it all!!!

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