Classified section?

218beeJune 2, 2011

Looked , but couldn't find one..I have 6 Brand New-in-Box Baldwin door hinges I want to sell after finishing my home addition..I don't Ebay, so if anyone here could point me to a forum where I could post these for sale, I'd appreciate it..Posted this on the Home Repair forum, looking for answers...Again, sorry if I'm in the wrong forum...




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Craig's list.

There is one in or near your city.

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Thanks...but too many wacko's and scammers for me...had a really bad experience there and won't go, is there a classifieds here?...would rather deal with people here..



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Use the HTML version of the photo instead of the IMG version.

There is no classified section but you can offer materials for sale or trade if you don't promote a business.

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I have used craigslist many times with great success. Even landed a very nice project there. The people here are the same, some nice, some not nice, and some wacko.

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To 218bee:

And a classified will be different how?

Use the email function on Craigs List. That way you have no calls/etc. Use a cell phone---no caller ID address info.

I use the C List in Kansas City on and off. Have posted my phone number for some items and email for others.

No hassle save deleting obnoxious emails.

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Thanks Handymac;

It must be where I live, because I did use Craigs List, just how you suggested and got many unwanted emails from crazie's & scammers, and when I included my cell phone, I got calls from psyco's at midnight & after...Almost became a police matter....don't want to revisit that..

I appreciate your advice, but it just didn't work for me....Not worth the anger over $100.00 in hinges..

I always liked this site.... moreso during & after I did an addition on my house..

Thanks anyway..I'll just post them in a new thread above .


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The Garden Web is for the exchange of ideas, information and opinion. It survives in large measure because commercial use is forbidden.

Recently there has been a rash of builders advertising their services and salespeople offering their materials. If you have used the forum in the past you should understand how disruptive this can be and how easily the forum could be reduced to a place to find contractor services and building materials.

If you want a classified section, send a request to the Garden Web using the link at the bottom of the page.

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