How dark does Cherry wood (cabinet) get ???

mcookJune 16, 2006

We plan to stain our cherry cabinet to burgundy/red mahagony color, & given the fact that cherry will darken in its color over time....

1. How dark will it get? Or does it bring out more redness instead of the 'darkness' (I guess I'm thinking of black or something)?

2. How long does it take for cherry to reach it's "max" color?

3. In my case, should I stain a little lighter than the color we desire?


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Hi mcook,

Since you aren't getting any responses, thought I'd chime in here. I am also having cherry cabinets installed for my kitchen/laundry and master bath. They are all different stains. The kitchen I ordered a black glaze. I'm a little concerned about the darkness, but instead choose to think of it as a rich old world look, which I love.

I've heard that the cherry darkens a couple shades, and it depends on the amount of light in the room. I've also been told that it happens gradually enough that you, seeing it every day probably won't notice it. Another thing I've heard is that using a darker stain, the change is less dramatic. I had a sample piece of wood for my kitchen cabinet, and purposely left it in bright sunlight for a couple weeks. It did darken a bit, but the reddish highlights came out which are beautiful. I'm going from blonde oak cabinets to these, so it's a little bit scary.

Hopefully someone else will chime in with real world results.

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I bought a brand new home eight years ago, with new cherry cabinets. The stain was basically a neutral, that brought out the natural color of the wood, which was dark, but not real dark. Over the course of 8 years, the cabinets darkened, but quite gradually. I would say they were about 2 shades darker when I moved out. Exposure to light really does effect the cabinet coloration. I had a spare piece of toe kick in the garage that received little light and the color was obviously different. I loved the original color, but loved the aged color even more.

A neighbor used a brownish reddish stain on their cherry cabinets and I would describe the color as "merlot". Rather dark. Don't know how it looked years later.

Hope this helps.

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