Camp cheerio quilt show

grammypOctober 8, 2011

Today was our annual Camp Cheerio Quilt Show. Here are some lovely pictures to make you all jealous.

Our tree quilt did not make it to camp this year, so Faye's friend Nancy did a sketch of our show to present to the camp as our gift. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and she is wonderful. Thanks so much Nancy.

Here are a few more of our projects,

And here is dinner for the evening. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, roasted vegetables, rolls and blackberry cobbler with cream fresh. Enjoy!

More later if I can get online.


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OMG she is sooooo talented!!!!!!! I wish I could sketch like that!

The food looks delicious and love the quilts in progress!

Thanks Beverly!

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My mouth is watering with just looking at all the lovily quilts, beautiful skectch and the roast beef dinner.WOW glad your all having such a wonderful time.

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Jealous? Absolutely!

Nancy's sketch is perfect! She has an amazing talent! Please make sure she comes to the retreat next year too!


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Here are a few more pictures.

Presenting the sketch to the camp.

Sunset from the chapel.

Y-guides Fire Ceremony.

Teresa won the LRC game.

Sunrise on the dining hall deck.

We will be leaving soon so I may not get to post more pictures till I get home. Have a great day.


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Doesn't seem like it should be time for y'all to leave yet. It's nice so many were able to attend this year and make memories. What goes on at Camp Cheerio, stays at Camp Cheerio. The stories are sealed forever.....maybe. @:)

Nancy, The sketch of the lodge and quilts is fantastic!! DH said to tell you "Good job!"

Thank you for taking time out from sewing to take and post all the pictures, Beverly. It's very much appreciated.

Love the little quilt pin display. If I had a place to set one, I might be tempted.

Safe travels everyone.....


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Wow!!!!!! The quilts are beautiful....the sketch is exquisite...the scenery is breathtaking...the food looks wonderful and the gathering of friends creating new memories priceless. Thank you for sharing with us, Beverly!

Safe trip home all.


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It seems like you just got there!

Lovely quilt show and the sketch is marvelous. Safe journey home everyone.

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Did everyone bring some quilts to finish while they were there or were some of these brought for 'show and tell'? What a great idea to cover that porch with beautiful quilts!

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Beverly, thank you for posting pictures. I know many wanted to see what it is like at Camp Cheerio. Thanks to everyone who had any little part in making the retreat experience so great.
I just wanted to pop in and let the group know that Carol and I made it home safely. I hope everyone else did, too.

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Another fantastic weekend is under our belt!!

So far, Marsha (MRG), Fran, Jeanne, Carol, Trish & I have all checked in and are home safely. Katherine was about 15 minutes ahead of me & Trish on the road (coming to our area) so I figure she's safe too since I didn't see her car on the side of the road! LOL

Kate, many of those quilts were just brought for show & tell, but many were tops that were completed while there! We were all a very busy group! I think at least 15 of those are tops completed during Thur/Fri/Sat. morning!!

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I am home as well. Great trip-exhausting.....relaxing??? We eat, laugh, sew, eat, laugh, sew, eat, play a few games,laugh sew ---and some of us sewed late into the wee hours of the next day---every single night.

The Quilts hanging were projects from the Retreat, as well as some Show and tell quilts. We have a very talented group of ladies here.

I had a wonderful time! The food was delicious, the weather gorgeous, and the company even better! Thank you everyone!

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Thanks everyone for sharing you good times with us and the pictures were fantastic. Glad the trip was fun and safe.

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I made it back to California safely and with a full suitcase. I wouldn't even let hubby open it for me. It might explode.

Wonderful time, as usual. So nice to see new faces this year. Everyone is such a pleasure to sew with.

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Thank you so much for sharing the experience with us, I enjoyed it by proximity. The quilts hanging from the railings are so joyful! The drawing does it justice, her talent is amazing.

Experiences like this are such an affirmation of the beauty and creativity we all carry inside us just waiting to burst out in celebration of life.

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I got home safely yesterday about 1:30 and promptly took a nap! I'm still unpacking and sorting through things. Thanks to Jennifer, Beverly, Tim, Jim and everyone who helped to make this retreat such a pleasant experience. There are some wonderful folks on the Cheerio staff who always see that our stay is carefree and free of problems as is possible.

It is so easy for me to go to our retreat, but I know other campers here have to make more of an effort to attend and I am so glad that they manage to make it year after year.

So, I'm off to work today, but I can tell you, I'd much rather be having my early morning coffee in the quiet of the dining hall at Cheerio right now!


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You're right, I'm jealous!!!! I so wish I could have made it this year. My kids are so busy, it just didn't work. There's always next year, right????

I love that drawing! And such talent (the drawing and quilts!).

Glad everyone made it home safely...


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DH and I got home about 8:15 last night. Got the van unloaded, but nothing is unpacked yet. It was another great weekend. We will all post more pictures now that we are back with reliable internet.

Nancy is a great artist, we should have taken pictures of her other sketches she did there.

Hugs to all

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Glad you all had such a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Maybe one day I can make it to camp too! :)

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For those of us that have not been there and would like to attend - where is the information about going next year?


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I made it back to Colorado about 10 pm last night - had a wonderful time as a "first time camper"! It was so much fun to share the fellowship, fun, & food with fellow GW friends.
It was so fun to be able to stay up late & sew & not have DH ask "when are you coming to bed?"!!!I am a little miffed (NOT) that Linda took us to Mary Jo's fabric in Charlotte, however. NOW I HAVE A NEW ADDICTION!!! Thank you Linda, it was wonderful!DH just laughed when I told him I brought more fabric.

It was wonderful & great meeting everyone.


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Too funny, Sue! That's the same thing my DH asks me...and it drives me nuts!

I am beginning to look at the calendar for dates next year, but you can plan on October 2012 in northern NC (Camp Cheerio) and cost for retreat would be about $225 (not inc. travel expenses, of course)

Sign-ups wouldn't be until summertime at the earliest...plenty of time to plan and save!

For more details and pictures, search "Retreat" or "Camp Cheerio" in the search engine for this forum and you'll find all the previous threads from the last few years.


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What fun!! To do things you love with people you love !!!

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Thanks Jennifer! For that price & plane tickets, it is so do-able!!! I am hoping to be closer than Wyoming next year :) may even get to drive....

Could I ask you to email me when you know for sure? I am afraid I will miss the posting and I would love to go.

Sue - so glad you got to go and have such a great time! I dream of the day that I can sew for as long as I want and not have to make excuses LOL


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Marie, the price of the Camp includes everything~you do not spend a penny once you get there! Of course if you fly into Charlotte and go to Mary Jo's....bring your credit card!lol

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