Please help with layout before cabinet appt Thursday

strayerdarbApril 23, 2013

Sorry guys -- I goofed up my earlier posting because I didn't do the pictures right. Here's the deal, I have my first appt with cabinet maker on Thursday. If you have any ideas for my preliminary layout I would really appreciate it.

I made 2 pictures: #1 has microwave in island so that I can have double wall ovens and seperate 36" induction cooktop.

#2 has microwave above 1 wall oven and doing a duel fuel range (and stay with gas), or combination 36" induction cooktop/wall oven below. If I could find a 36" induction range...ugh.

Someone asked if the island is set in stone and it is not. I want to remove a penninsula that forces the island to be a weird shape with poor storage. It can now be more rectangular and have storage drawers.

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Layout #2

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As I understand from your previous posts your MW will be a countertop one and if you have it in the island there will be some bending to do.

So I'd say #2, with 36'' induction with wall oven below.

Can't you have a shelf for it in one of the upper cabinets? Maybe one next to the wall ovens and to keep the symmetry a similar upper over files cabinet?

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