My new toy!!!

polardreamsOctober 27, 2012

I am pretty excited! I won her on ebay and she arrived today. I am looking forward to testing her out, but think I will have her tuned up at my local shop before I do much (she is a 1956 model). It didn't have a case, but I probably wouldn't use it anyway. I hope I love it as much as everyone else that has a featherweight!


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I would try it out first...........They seldom need a technician. Probably the reason they last so long. My favorite one was made in 1935. Just keep it oiled, and may never need a "pro"
I't's gold trim is in such good condition. Mostly worn off on 3 of mine, but still works so quietly.
I know you will treasure it after using it. ENJOY! And congratulations!

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Congratulations. Welcome to the Featherweight Club.
I am sure you will enjoy her. I don't used mine much but mainly because I don't have the room to have it set up. They are a darling machine and worth owning.

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Oh congrats! It's beautiful! Perfect size for taking in the RV ;-))


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Oh! Yay! Yay! Yay! Sue! Perfect for Retreat~ and traveling.
I recommend getting the book "Featherweight 221 The Perfect Portable" by Nancy Johnson-Srebro. Make sure you get the latest edition. Look at your library - I bought mine.
I agree, you may not need a professional check-up. Use the proper oil and lube--learn how to put in the needle and bobbin case (different from our Pfaff's) and you are good!
I bought a padded soft case for mine-made especially for the FW and then I purchased a rolling pc of luggage from Tuesday Morning that fits the FW in the padded case as well as projects for traveling. It fits under the seat on the dinky commuter planes. I'll find the tag and get the model number if you are interested.
I can't wait to meet the newest member of our FW club :).
You will miss the IDT and needle down of your Pfaff.
Also~ the ankle from my Pfaff fits my FW - therefore, all my feet from my Pfaff fit my FW. That allows me to go from Pfaff to FW with the same 1/4".
Congrats on your win!!!

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Love my FW! My sister and I have machines both from Elizabethtown, NJ, both 1947 models, purchased years and miles apart. We named them Maxene and Laverne after the Andrews sisters. Just make sure you lubricate with the grease in the right spots and oil in the right spots. and they do need oil almost everytime you sew.

Enjoy her!


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Congratulations. You finally did it. That little green book tells you what you need to know and it is easy to maintain. Having a tech tune it up is good, too. I don't oil mine every time I use it but knowing how is important. You'll love it.

I just made a padded sling for mine. I put the case away and never use it. It will be handy in the motor home.

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Awwww, she's so cute! I know you'll enjoy having her on your excursions in the RV. ConGratz on your win!


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magothyrivergirl, I agree about that book...priceless! Also the grease...not easy to find sometimes. One clerk told me it was the same as oil..NOT!

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She is beautiful! I'm looking forward to hearing how she sews.

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Congratulations! They are so cute, but I've never sewn on one or seen one in person, just read about them here. I thought I would keep my eyes open for one and then found out a good friend sold one at her garage sale. I'll have to come to retreat next year so I can see one in action!

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Congratulations...looks great, let us know how she sews. I've seen cases sold separately on e-bay,so if you keep your eyes open you may find a nice one. What's her new name?

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Yay for you, Sue! You are going to love using this little vintage machine. There's nothing like them, in my opinion. I also recommend the book by Nancy Johnson-Srebro. Google "soft cases for Singer Featherweight" and see what there is out there. A friend got one last year as her case was not in the best of shape and she loves it.

Here is a link that might be useful: a nice case here, reasonably priced

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Teresa~that is the same soft case I have. Even though I have the original hard case for mine, I prefer to use the soft case. Well worth the money!

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Marsha & Linda, I will keep my eyes open for the book - saw it on Amazon (wasn't available at my library)
Teresa & Marsha - the case looks nice, will check it out.

I do think I will have the tech check the machine out then he can give me a "mini lesson" on keeping oiled, lubed, properly. The money spent will be well worth the peace of mind that it will bring.

I haven't named her, but I am sure she will get lots of miles in the RV - maybe she should be "Rose" for a rambling rose.... My Pfaff is too big to really take along. We'll see.

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement!

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Sue~did you get the little green and white manual with the machine? It will be very explicit where to oil and lube (different). Easy.
Does the machine sew?

I was very excited when I got mine, even though it did not sew and had seized up from lack of sewing and upkeep, but was in very beautiful condition - original owner and simply never used-she tried to sew - rats nest - never tried again! I actually pulled out a tiny piece of her original green thread from the spring on the spool pin when I was preparing mine for Retreat. I sew with mine, so the pristine condition is getting a few scratches, but I bought mine to use!

I am so excited for you.

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Sue, If you didn't get the manual, I will print the maintenance directions for you and mail them. I keep the copies right in my kit, because I like to check as I go to make sure. Happy sewing!...I got my book on Amazon, couldn't find it ant place.

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Congratulations, what a sweet little machine. It does my heart good to see quilters keeping the good old classic Singers alive. They made some awesome machines at one time, and even the most economical ones were well made and would run for the owners and be passed on to the next generation. I bought a new Singer last year, and it lasted three months. Thankfully I could return it, and replaced it with exactly the same machine. The engineering was fine, but I suspect the quality put into building it. I have four old singers from treadle and hand cranks to one as new as a 30s electic. I have a love/hate relationship with my new machine, and intend on getting one of the old ones completely refurbished for use. You done 'good' and have fun with it.

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How cool for you! I hope you enjoy it bunches!

Best to you,

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Marge, I did not get a manual with the machine, but I fdound one online that I could download for free. Thank you for your offier anyway!

Marsha, it appears to sew, but I need to get some needles. The mechanisms go up and down, but I will feel better using it once it has had a "once over" by my local tech. He is going to go over daily maintenance also.


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YAY! Congratulations! And I agree she needs a name (Rose is very nice) and that book is very handy. I found mine on Amazon. Hope to meet her at retreat. :)


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