Holly Kay . . .My Bouillotte Lampshade

anele_gwJune 22, 2014

Hi, Holly Kay!

I just got back from the lampshade store. It was not my 1st choice of a shop, but the other one isn't open on Sundays . . the other is typically open only until 5, which is never an option for me.

They only had one type of shade that would work. Sadly, it had no gold lining. They weren't sure about ordering (the buyer was not in) and said it would take a month. There was also an issue with actually getting the lampshade on, and I bought an additional piece, as you can see. (I have both on in the pics, which is why it is so much taller.

This shade is bigger than yours. They had a size smaller as well but recommended this one. Not sure what you think. I just sort of wanted to be done with this whole thing, which is which is why I bought it . . .but I CAN exchange (only-- no returns) if you think it is OK. (It can be for something I order.)

Please excuse my wall color and holes in it! We had something braced there . . .will repair once I repaint, hopefully in July.

Just for comparison, I think this is the original shade that would have been on . . .it is definitely smaller. The upper portion (not sure what it's called . . .not the finial, exactly) is tall, though. Or maybe it's just that the shade is so low?

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Holly- Kay

Hi Anele, thank you so much for posting your new shade. I am so excited for you! It isn't a big deal to not have the gold lining though I would have liked the gold lining also. It's definitely larger than mine but it looks good. It may actually fit better than mine. It looks gorgeous on your to die for table!

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Hi, Holly Kay!

Thank you for your response! I thought yours had a gold lining-- I wonder why the gold is so hard to come by via the shops when they seem readily available online?

In any case, I think my shades are just too big. I think yours is the right fit . . .I am going to exchange them. I really wish I had just found a way to go to the other shop. It's a pain that I can't return what I bought. (I sort of felt talked into these.)

Shade shopping is a pain indeed!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Can you paint a gold lining on? I know I had a lamp shade I didn't like and I painted it...came out fine...

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Annie-- I thought about trying to line it, not paint it. Painting might be easier! Good idea! How did you do it?

What do you think re: the scale of the shade? Too big? Seems like these types of lamps call for something tighter and shorter?

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Annie Deighnaugh

The scale on the one you have isn't bad...though I can't quite tell from the pic...sometimes a camera will alter the shape...

They do make a gold leaf spray paint...you'd have to really mask it well.

Or you could try to do the fake gold leaf on it which will give it a real metallic look...

The shade I did, I faux finished the outside of the shade...I didn't try lining it...using acrylics.

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Anele, for what it's worth, I don't think your shade looks "too big". If you had not mentioned your doubts and just showed us your new shade, I would just think, "Oh, how pretty". Don't over think this if you like the shade :)

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Holly- Kay

Anele, the smaller one would have been way too small if you meant that it was smaller than mine. I felt that mine should have mean a smidge larger but only by a fraction of an inch on the slant.

I am sorry that you can't return the ones you purchased. If I ran my business that way I would have irate customers. I would at least call and ask them to reconsider you returning them as they talked you into something that doesn't work for you. Shades are too expensive to not be able to return them.

Annie, my shades aren't paper shades and I don't think Anele's are either. That is what I would have preferred but my lamp shop didn't have them.

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Annie, thank you for the info!

Tuesday, that makes me feel better! Thank you!

Holly-Kay, I wish I had looked at the smaller one again! I think part of the problem is that the smaller one was shorter (which was right to my eyes) but needed a little more width? I wish I took a second look before deciding.

They won't let me return for sure, but as I said, I can exchange.

I finally decided that I just need to move on . . .unwrapped them, and they don't match! The SKU is the same, but they are different. Mine are both paper on the inside, but one is the traditional parchment and the other one seems to have almost a silk finish with trim. The shop is being nice about it, though. Told me to keep them for a few weeks (and said to use them!) until their new shipment comes in.

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